Know Why This Gen Need Spirituality in Life

In our Indian education system, we do give importance to all subjects equally but there’s this vocational subject where there are no marks given but are graded. Subjects like value education, work experience, art and craft, physical education, etc, are important education that will be utilized throughout life. Still, the importance given to them in the early stage of child development and growth is least. While a student is preparing for secondary and higher secondary exams, he/she has to go through pressure, stress, and a competitive environment, in such situations, one has to be stronger from inside and to be well from outside.

The syllabus doesn’t teach you to build yourself strong internally. Indian culture and festival stories and folklore teach moral values, but we all focus in the end celebrating them wishing each other on that particular day or sharing a simple message. For e.g, during Good Friday, we will share Good Friday quotes or on Easter Day we will share Happy Easter quotes, but is it enough to fulfill the purpose of observing these days? Simply, knowing the value and implementing them in personal life creates a lot of difference. Coming to the point, this generation is drifting away from the source of existence that is almighty power, God, the universe you name it anything, one has to involve his/her life into spirituality that will act as an anchor in tough times.

Here’s the reason why this generation needs spirituality.

Being Ungrounded

We people struggle from stress and worry all the time and anticipate the worst things or how things can go wrong. They are not able to stay calm in any circumstances because they don’t know how to ground themselves. Grounding is a simple technique, where one has to sit in silence and connect with mother earth, this is best done when you are sitting in a garden. Let all the stress and negativity go down to the earth and you take the calm energy back to you. Grounding can simply be done by breathing exercise and focusing on the breath until you are one with your body and taken up by surroundings.

Lack of Faith

One who doesn’t have faith over life or does not have any hope for the future lacks faith. Faith is something that every human needs but we still give the least importance to it. Faith can move mountains and take away a huge chunk of the burden from one life. When you are not doing your best in your spiritual life, you tend to lose faith in yourself and life. You think nothing will work out in your favour, but the one who develops spiritual life strongly believes that everything will turn out well in the end. You need to develop faith in yourself and over almighty to rely upon for things that are out of your control.

Lack of Discipline

This is one of the values we have been taught since our childhood that a disciplined life will bear us sweet fruits. Still, we are not able to keep up with the discipline aspect of our life. Discipline comes through deep understanding, if one thinks discipline takes away the freedom and joy to do whatever we want then he/she is wrong as the one who really understands discipline, knows discipline is the difficult road that takes us to beautiful places. Take any area of your life where you are stressed and think it cannot improve any sooner, just analyze and add discipline to that area. You must be knowing on a serious note what needs to be done and cut down to achieve the result you want and take action with discipline, you will slowly realize how well it works for you.

Too Many Distraction

In this growing world of technology, we have too many distractions and too many options to get carried away. When we have many distractions, our world is filled with chaos, which disturbs our inner balance. Therefore, to get back our inner balance, we need to cut down distractions. Cutting down distractions can only be possible with discernment and knowledge about what is not required in our lives but still, we do it. This discernment comes out of healthy spiritual life. When one practices spirituality, he/she gets enlightened with spiritual knowledge that helps them understand what is more important, what needs more focus, and what needs to be cut down.


Spirituality is an underrated word in today’s generation but they are missing something huge that will help to lead a better life. Spiritualism is not all about performing rituals or visiting temples and chanting mantras. Spiritualism is a way of living a righteous life. It protects you, keeps you on track, helps you to be at peace amid the noise, it helps you to revive your spirit from time to time by connecting with the source. This article covered only a few aspects of spirituality that give us an idea about the importance of adding spirituality to your life. There’s vast significance to it, you will know only if you deep dive into it.

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