Keep your dog’s eyes healthy with Ocu-Glo vision supplements

Do you want to protect your dog from common eye problems like glaucoma and cataract? These conditions can cause pain, disrupt a dog’s vision, or require surgery. Are you wondering how you can boost your dog’s ocular health? How can you administer Ocu-Glo? What are some of the signs that show your dog needs Ocu-Glo vision supplements?

Ocu-Glo supplements.

It is a multivitamin for dogs that support normal and optimal eye health. A single dose contains 12 antioxidants to boost your dog’s general health, nutritional needs, and eye and vision health. Ocu-Glo contains plenty of antioxidants, vitamins, and Omega-3. When a dog ages, the level of antioxidants drops, exposing its eyes to free radical damage caused by factors like pollution, diet, stress, and sunlight.

Ocu-Glo side effects.

If your pet doesn’t have an allergy to any of the ingredients used in its manufacture, Ocu-Glo should not have any side effects. When first beginning to use the supplements, some pets may experience loose bowels due to the omega present in its formulation. When your dog experiences these Ocu-Glo Rx side effects, it is advised to stop its administration for a couple of days until the bowels are normal again. You should then proceed by giving your dog half the dosage and gradually increasing it.

Administration of Ocu-Glo.

Ocu-Glo has no added flavor but antioxidants have a bitter taste. Mixing it with dog food that has a strong odor and taste will make the dog consume it. Gelcap should be swallowed whole and not chewed. It is because the contents of the chewed gelcap can stain the carpet or the dog’s face. If your dog can’t readily take Ocu-Glo, the following suggestions recommended by veterinarians should help.

  1. Hide the gelcap in tasty dog food or use cream cheese, liver paste, or peanut butter to cover it.
  2. Empty the contents of the gel cap into a pill pocket, allow it to seep in, cut it up, and give it to your dog.
  3. Gelcap is put in the hole of a pill pocket, the hole pinched closed, and the dog is fed.
  4. The gel cap is covered in a piece of turkey and this is given to the dog to eat. The second piece of turkey without the Ocu-Glo is given to the dog immediately after to chase the taste. The dog will eat the first piece in a hurry to focus on the second piece.
  5. Before administering the gelcap, you should use a little coconut oil to lubricate the back of the dog’s throat. Open the dog’s mouth and place the pill down their throat. Close their mouth and rub their nose or rub their throat as you blow into their nose so that they can swallow appropriately. Feed them with little food to ensure the gelcap has settled.

Use Ocu-Glo if your dog shows the following signs:

  • The dog’s vision diminishes at night, during dim conditions, or at all times.
  • The eyes have a cloudy appearance.
  • Cataracts.
  • The pupils fail to constrict.


To prevent vision problems and maintain good eyesight, your pet’s diet, and supplements matter. Ocu-Glo is a multivitamin for dogs with 12 antioxidants to support their overall health, vision health, and nutritional needs. Antioxidants have a bitter taste. There are some ways that veterinarians recommend for administering this supplement. This article highlights some of the signs to look out for to administer Ocu-Glo.

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