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Most people are all too familiar with the aches and pain you end up having in your neck and back from working in front of a computer all day. If you are like most people when you decided to take a desk job, having to constantly fight back pain was not part of your plan. Unfortunately, when we sit in most chairs we put three times as much pressure on our lower back. Keeping that fact in mind, there is no surprise that most employees that work in an office environment suffer from chronic back problems. 

Get Up And Move

There are things you can do to keep yourself from developing all these aches and pains though. The first is out yourself on a daily schedule that makes you get up and move around every few hours. If it’s just taking a lap around the office you need to get up and get your blood flowing. This allows your body to relieve pressure and stretch out. It will also greatly help in your overall concentration and performance because the break helps you to not get burned out. 

Lumbar Support

When you are setting at your desk you must have appropriate lumbar support. Visit Everlasting Comfort and purchase their back cushion lumbar support pillow. It has an ideal design, comes in several colors, and is made out of memory foam. This makes it extremely comfortable. When you use this cushion it will force you to sit with good posture which keeps your spine aligned and makes sure pressure is distributed correctly.

Walk Tall and Sit Tall

If you do not want to deal with back pain, you must always practice good posture. This means you must sit up straight and stand up straight all the time. When you slouch you let your spine move out of alignment which will cause you to pinch nerves and pull muscles which results in you having aches and pain in your back. The proper cushions will help you to sit tall all day because they will support your body correctly.

Office Chair Seat Cushion

To avoid back pain you need to support your back correctly in your office chair. Go to the Everlasting Comfort site and check out their Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion for Office Chair. This is the perfect example of what you need. It is built to spread the pressure of sitting through your hips and thighs and remove all the pressure that is normally left on your lower back. The shape also helps to make sure your hips are aligned correctly while you are seated.

Monitor and Chair Positions

To avoid back pain when you are seated in your office chair with your feet flat on the ground your knees should be even with your hips. This allows for all the pressure of your body to distribute correctly. When placing your monitor you want the center of the screen to be just slightly above eye level so it encourages you to sit with proper posture all day.

Now that you know all the tips and secrets to be comfortable at your desk and reducing those aches and pains in your back. Go on over to Everlasting Comfort’s website and order those cushions, remember to take your breaks, and reposition your chair and monitor. Make sure you are continuing to walk and sit with good posture in mind. Your productivity is about to shoot through the roof and your boss will be asking what your secret is and hopefully giving you a promotion in no time. 

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Last modified: March 26, 2021

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