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Journalism is the name for collecting, gathering, assessing, and then presenting or reporting the news. Featuring the data collected in the presentable form in electronic and print media, later on, is also included in the concept of journalism. 

In this aspect learning from Nick Gamache Ottawa will bring you to a more comprehensive view of the shifting in the voyage of journalism with the introduction of podcasts and other facets of digital media inclusion. 

Journalism is the name of bringing facts to the eyes of the public. There are many forms of journalism which you will get to know about, further in this article.

Making the audience aware of the event as soon as it happens. The ones who arrange talk shows to debate on such a recent event are also journalists.

  • Enterprise and Investigative Stories

Enterprise or investigative stories revolve around situations or incidents that the general public is not even aware of. 

A detailed and explanatory briefing on the topics or events, on the whole, are the featured news.

Reviews related to any product or services given by the journalists are considered more authentic and trustworthy. So, journalism plays an important role in promotional activities as well. 

Columns are those signed articles that are written by the journalists. They put forward the writer’s beliefs about the topics under discussion and the conclusion of it. 

Editorials are the unsigned articles that tell briefly about the opinions of the publishers. 

With technological advancement and digital media interference in every aspect of life, the online diaries created by the smaller groups, companies, and enterprises for the sake of business purposes are also included in journalism during this era. 

Wikis are internet-based journalism. They provide editing of the articles or the information to anyone present over the internet. 

Consider it as a new form of journalism. Online question-answer sessions are done through this. In the discussion boards, anyone can participate in the topic relevant to them. 

The best technique to pursue journalism is that the content should be creative, easy to read, and sounds interesting to the bibliophile. Write in a way that engages the readers and make them read till the end of the article. 

Likewise, the reporting should be done in a way that is easily comprehensible to the listeners. Make sure, that the audience should not feel the need to switch the channels during your reporting. Keeping some reading material will make the reporting go fluently. 

Although there may arise some trust issues related to the authenticity of the content sources. However, you can easily compare the information of one platform to another about a specific topic. 

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Most generically, journalism points towards reporting of the events going on, in the printed media. However, with the advancement of internet technology the concept of journalism has become a more diverse sort of notion. 

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