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If you watch reaction videos on youtube then you must have known Jaby Koay. Jaby koay is a YouTuber who mainly creates videos on reactions, reviews, etc. In this article, we will get to know some exclusive details about the jaby koay age, jaby koay wife, jaby koay net worth, jaby koay height, etc

Before moving ahead in this post we will check some facts about him

Jaby Koay Wiki:

Name – Jaby Koay

Date of birth – 31 July 1984

jaby koay age – 37 years

Birthplace – Los Angeles, California

Height – 5ft 8inches

Hometown – California

Parents – no data available 

Siblings – no data available 

Jaby Koay wife – not official 

Zodiac sign – Leo

Sexuality – straight 

Height – 5ft 8inches

Profession – youtube, content creator, social media influencer 

Jaby koay net worth –  further in this post

Jaby Koay Introduction 

Jaby Koay is one of the few YouTubers who earned so much respect and subscribers through his youtube channel. He is famous mainly for his reaction videos on the Indian film and entertainment industry. He is currently of my favorite YouTubers who is loved by a lot of Indian audiences. His unique style of making videos and shooting these videos makes him very different. In general, his reaction videos are based on Bollywood movies, trailers, and Indian YouTuber content.

Who is Jaby Koay Wife? Is Jaby Koay married or is it just fake news?

If you don’t know, there is a lot of fuss about the Jaby koay girlfriend over the internet. So carefully we are going to explain about jaby koay marriage. With immense popularity on social media, fans are always keen to know about jaby koay weddings.

So, we are clarifying that yes the young social media reaction star is married or not. There is still some cloud about jaby koay wedding or his marriage. One last piece of information is that 

As many times fans have considered the great chemistry with Achara Kirk, who is a long-time friend of the social media personality. Now you must have got the point that Jaby koay wife is Achara kirk.

After many requests in the comet box of Jaby, he disclosed the topic of jaby koay and Achara kirk relationship. He admitted that he has strong feelings and love for her. He added that being in so much love with her I feel this is still not the right time to marry her.

Additionally, the jaby koay and Achara kirk relationship is not fully disclosed by both of them together. Fans write to us about jaby koay height, we will tell about that in further paragraphs. 

Jaby Koay wiki (early life)

jaby koay age is just 35 years while he doing great in his career. He was born on 13 July 1984 in America. Before pursuing a reaction channel on youtube Jaby is a short filmmaker but it didn’t work well and he left that work. 

Later he joined youtube and started making reaction videos on the Indian movies. He started his youtube channel on 9 June 2006 and on the same day he uploaded his first video. His first video was titled “Can we do that”.

When we talk about jaby koay height it is around 5ft 8inches.

Jaby koay marriage and family

Though there is no official statement about the Jaby koay relationship there are certain questions that die-hard fans want to have answers to. However, we dont have any official information about jaby koay marriage but we are expecting soon that this relationship will disclose in the upcoming days.

While jaby koay family lives in NewYork. If we will talk about his racial recognition then he belongs to a mixed-race community. His father is an American citizen and his mother is an Asian. The name of Jaby Koay mother is Joyce Santos Alba. Now Jaby koay wife is not there soon she will also become part of the family.

Most people dont know Jaby has a brother and he is also a YouTuber. His brother’s name is Greg Alba. The name of his channel is The Reel Rejects and presently has 712,000 subscribers.

While the name of his sister is Marry Black. 

Jaby Koay Education 

The early education of Jaby Koay is completed at Alacanes union high school. Additionally, his higher education alma mater is not known but he is certainly dropped out from his bachelor’s degree class. Because he changed him as he thought it is not worth enough for his goals for this career. 

Who is Jaby koay Girlfriend?

There were many past relationships in the life of Jaby Koay. while at present time the name of Jaby Koay girlfriend is not officially disclosed. But the social media experts and die-hard fans speculate that his current youtube channel partner is Achara kirk.

Though there is a strong belief in his fan’s community that Jaby Koay wife is Achara Kirk. But we will not consider it as a fact as we have not got any official statement regarding that. 

How Much Jaby Koay Net Worth

He got immense popularity with his youtube channel “Jaby Koay”. He started his Youtube channel on 10 June 2006 and currently has 1.9 million subscribers. It is an amazing fact that he has shocking 1,515,535,205 views to date on his channel now. It is because of such a level of popularity jaby koay net worth is very high. 

If we separate the income from youtube, the majority of revenue is earned from the advertisement and sponsors. Brands and companies pay a substantial amount of sum to promote his product or services online. It is interesting to know that his net worth is around 3.79 us dollars. Additionally, the movie producers and show organizers also pay a good amount to Jaby koay for hosting and promoting a number of shows.

Being a foreigner he reacts to Indian action movie scenes so the majority of his belongs from India. That is why you will see the majority of fans belong to India. In total Jaby loves India and his Indian fan community. 

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