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Fans of Hogwarts, Harry Potter, Quidditch and all things wizardry, listen up, as there is a brand new party game for you! Those (very) deviant people behind Cards Against Humanity have delved into the world of J.K. Rowling and produced something equally hilariously obscene as their other creations. Cards Against Muggles is their latest venture in setting their every popular party game onto a collision course with the magical world of Harry Potter.

Now that all the ‘Potterheads’ have grown up (and their minds have slowly slipped into the gutter), I’m sure you have often wondered what really happens in the world outside of Muggles? What exactly is the “special” relationship between Harry Potter, Hermione and Ron (a throuple with a few tricks up their sleeves). Does Professor Dumbledore prefer it when Minerva McGonagall turns into a pussy? If Hagrid is a giant, does that mean everything is big?! And what happens to Lord Voldemort when he catches a cold?? Very messy!

This Harry Potter based party game will be the ideal package to make your game nights even better. Beer, pizza and lewd, crude and rude references to your favourite characters. But do not be mistaken by Cards Against Muggles basing their party game on these loveable children’s books. This game is definitely not for kids and there is an age restriction attached to it. Only people 17 and older are allowed to get their minds mucky with this party game.


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I am sure you all know the original game already but, for the one or two who are still innocent, here is a quick rundown. The card game requires a minimum of 4 players but can be played with over 20 – just depends how many you can fit into the room? Each game will take between 30 to 90 minutes to play, depending how long you spend laughing (?!)

Each player will take it in turns to read out one of the question / statement cards while the others use one of their (deeply inappropriate) answer cards. Funniest answer wins the round. But to be a success at this game, do not always think about what would fit logically with the question but something that will be deeply offensive, hilarious or both.

These following examples will give you an idea on how low the bar is when it comes to good taste with this party game: ‘Dumbledore’ was in love with ___ “Harry’ Potter’ whining like the little bitch he is. Acceptable pets at ‘Hogwarts’ include cats, owls and ___ ‘Cedric’s cold corpse. After months of practicing magic, I think I’m ready for ___ Having to explain to ‘Madam’ ‘Pomfrey’ why you used ‘engorgio’ on your dick.

This party game is not a digital version but a very well made physical pack. The 1440 cards are carried within a nice box that can sit on the shelf with your other party games. So what are you waiting for? Make sure you order you Cards Against Muggles now and see how riddikulus it really is!

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Last modified: July 11, 2021

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