Indian foods popular in Bethesda

Indian foods popular in Bethesda

Bethesda is one of the most vibrant town in United States. There are many Indian restaurants in Bethesda where you get authentic and quality food. They offer a variety of dishes which are famous is the town itself. The dishes are prepared keeping in mind the Indian taste, ingredients and spices.

Bethesda is famous for its restaurants, shopping spots and top class education. If you talk about that what can be done in Bethesda then there are many places to visit like if you want to enjoy nature then you can definitely visit Cabin John Regional Park, if you want to enjoy a good show or a concert then prefer visiting Strathmore. Likewise there are shopping malls, theatres, art galleries. One very popular art gallery is Waverly street gallery. Then there are museums, gardens, churches and a lot more.

If we talk about Indian food Bethesda, the most famous and top class restaurants are Kadhai, Tikka masala, passage to India, Cafe of India, Biryani city and a lot more. These all are the famous places where you can have food together with your family or friends.

If you want to know the famous restaurants then simply you can search best Indian food in Bethesda and you will get a list of all the popular restaurants that have been operating in the town.

Many people move to Bethesda because of the lifestyle and the facilities that are offered. If people get good quality food, good infrastructure to use and good civilized people to live with then why would not they shift to a place? Apart from that their children will get world class education and many impressive places which get tourist attention also.

Now if you have decided the restaurant that where you want to have your meal these are the things that are most common and popular and every almost beery tourist who visits the town will definitely have it. You can start with appetizers like chicken tikka or samosa or soup.

  • After that you can have your main cuisine where in north Indian you can have both veg and non-veg. In veg you can try Paneer dishes and in non-veg you can try lamb and chicken.
  • For south Indian, you can go for fish curry, Dosa and sweet potato.
  • For East Indian you can try Shrimp rice, Hakka noodles and in veg you can try kofta, veg fried rice.
  • At last if you prefer West Indian then you must know that mostly all the dishes are composed of potatoes, cauliflower and spinach.

There are different types of breads and accompaniments to choose from like Nan, roti and kulcha and in accompaniments you get raita, papad, chutney and some more stuff. These are the most famous food dishes in Bethesda, which you can get easily in any restaurant that serves Indian food and also you would love trying them out. This is because any tourist who comes and visits the town he or she definitely tries out these dishes because these are the most famous ones.

Not only this but also the sweet dishes like puddings, halwa, rasmalai, gulab jamun and some more also.

In short if you are planning to go to Bethesda then you can definitely have a look on menus of different restaurants in Bethesda. The best ones definitely have their website where they have displayed their menu and prices. Following all the covid guidelines you are allowed to visit the restaurant. You can also book a table before hand.

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