Important aspects of bitcoins that you need to know about!

Bitcoin is the modern currency, and its popularity is increasing at a rapid pace. It is a decentralised currency based on blockchain technology. It allows you to make direct peer-to-peer transactions which remove the need for any bank or financial intermediary. Bitcoin transactions are highly affordable, and you can make payments in any part of the world as it is accepted worldwide. There are several crucial aspects of bitcoins that you need to learn, and a few of them are as follows.

Anonymous transaction

There are several unique features of bitcoin; the most fantastic one is user anonymity. Nowadays, everyone wants to protect their privacy, but it has become impossible with banks involved in most of the transactions. If you use traditional payment methods, all your transactions details are recorded by the banks, which doesn’t allow you to enjoy some privacy. Bitcoin allows you to make the anonymous transaction as there is no bank or financial institution involved while making a transaction. All the bitcoin transactions are recorded in the blockchain ledger, but no personal or financial information is linked with it. No trading platforms also require any information and therefore you can trade bitcoin by visiting bitcoin pro.  

So, before you start using bitcoins, you must know that you need not submit any document or complete any formality for making a bitcoin transaction. It allows you to make confidential transactions in different parts of the world without revealing your real identity.

Bitcoin exchange 

Bitcoin exchange is an online platform that allows you to buy and sell bitcoins over the Internet. It is an important aspect of bitcoin as, without it, you cannot trade bitcoins. There are numerous bitcoin exchanges over the Internet, but each one of them offers different features. With minimum rules and regulations imposed on bitcoins, there are several fake exchanges that can fraud you and take all your hard-earned money away. So, you need to be immensely careful while choosing a bitcoin exchange and ensure that it is reliable, safe and well-reputed.

Most bitcoin exchanges charge you a certain percentage of the total transaction amount made by you. It is responsible for the excellent liquidity offered by bitcoin as you can sell bitcoins anytime through the exchange and get them converted into fiat currency.


If we talk about bitcoins, one of their most crucial aspects is blockchain. Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology. It is a public ledger that records transactions and compiles them in groups termed blocks. A vast network of bitcoin miners works to add new blocks to the blockchain, which means issuing new bitcoins in the market. Blockchain makes the bitcoin transaction highly transparent as it can be accessed by anyone, but no one can make any changes on the record which promotes safety. A new block is created by the miner every 10 minutes, and all of them are linked in a chain which is why it is termed as ‘blockchain’.

Along with bitcoin, blockchain is also used as the payment system for services like PayPal, Visa, etc. Without blockchain, a bitcoin transaction cannot be completed as it won’t verify until it is added to the blockchain. You must have heard that bitcoin transactions are irreversible, and it is because of blockchain. Once a transaction is added to the blockchain, it cannot be modified or cancelled, which makes bitcoin transactions irreversible.

Bitcoin wallet 

Bitcoin is a digital currency which means it has no physical appearance. Most of the novice bitcoin users get confused that if it has no physical appearance, then how will they store it. Bitcoin is stored in a digital locker known as a bitcoin wallet. It is safe cloud storage that safeguards bitcoins from all kinds of risks and allows you to send and receive bitcoin with great ease. There are numerous types of bitcoin wallets, such as web wallets, hardware wallet, paper wallet, mobile wallet, etc.

Before you use bitcoins, you must gain proper knowledge about different types of wallets and their working. Bitcoin wallets can only be accessed through private keys, and if you lose them, there is no recover option available. So, it is always recommended that you should create few backups of your wallet so that in case you lose the keys or the system crashes, you will be able to recover the bitcoins stored in the wallet.

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Last modified: April 13, 2021

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