How You Can Hire Seasonal Foreign Workers During Busy Times

Peak farming times are returning to America, and you need to ensure you have enough employees to get you through the demand. Seasonal foreign workers will work for you with a qualifying visa.

Why You Would Need To

America’s food supply has been waning in recent years, unable to comply with the mass amount of demand. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has affected the industry, with fewer workers in farms and factories due to lay-offs.

Seasonal foreign farmworkers will fix this, and have always been on hand to help with supply. They are vital in helping to maintain the food supply of the nation. The country allows agricultural guest worker visas. This means farmers can come to the country during the spring and summer months, in order to work to meet quotas.

These are non-immigrant visas. They are a temporary residence visa that means workers will have to leave once their work permit expires. A worker needs to be from an eligible country, U.S. embassies will be the best place to start.

Where To Find Them

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, otherwise known as the USCIS, have guidelines and programs that are designed to allow farm owners to apply to the Department of Labor. This will help employers to bring in laborers to the United States primarily for agricultural work.

These workers can be brought in via a H-2A, which is better known as a farmer visa. They will have to be paid special rates, depending on the state. If they work overnight, you will have to provide housing. They must be guaranteed an offer of employment before leaving their country, to a total number of hours equal to 75% of the work within the contract.

You can work with labor organizations for this reason. It will keep your workforce at full capacity, if you have one slot being open, you will lose out on productivity.

How To Attract Them To The Role

Workers are attracted to apply for a H-2A visa in America as it offers higher amounts of money. The experience they gain will lead to further opportunities in their home country, due to education and showing a passion for the industry. You need to ensure you’re advertising in the right areas when looking to hire.

If you’re looking to attract the best, you should offer bonuses or incentives. This can be through training schemes, language courses and financial bonuses. This is important to consider if you’re looking to have work done over a long period of time. Or if you want them to return for the next season. You’ll be able to receive work done more efficiently in the long-term.

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Last modified: June 18, 2021

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