How works of art impact hospitality spaces

Hotels today are not just traditional accommodation service provider but slowly are transforming themselves as platform of exhibiting art just like out of the box art galleries. Hospitality artwork is gaining popularity and adding on the rich travel experience of the tourists. In major hotels, art is seen as a style and status statement. Incorporating art in hotels has numerous benefits such as it can add happiness, act as a stress buster, and calm unnecessary anxiety of the guests. 

Hospitality artwork is turning out to be one of the basic requirements posed by the hoteliers and this is also meeting the latest aesthetic trend in the interior design segment. Apart from all this, it also gives space to the local artists to display their work and spread the essence of their unmatchable creativity. Research have shown that hospitality art can also help the guests to unwind their complex thoughts of the people while waiting for room allotment or idling at the hotel lobby. You would be surprised to know that if art is well displayed, hospitality art can also give a neck to neck competition to the traditional art galleries. One primary benefit of adding hospitality art is that it can also act as a catalyst and propel your marketing strategy. Let us now look at some of the advantages of incorporating art in the hotel space. 

  • Easy integration with local culture and artists- Hotels today are trying to deliver maximum local experience be it through the food/cuisine, activities or even the hotel décor. By putting hospitality art, one can provide a touchable experience of mixing with the local craftsman. 
  •  Hospitality art can fetch more reviews and appreciation- As stated before, a good portrayal of art can lead to more appreciation and guest satisfaction. There are chances that you can get recommended and referred by art lovers which eventually can lead to increase in sales. 
  • Hospitality art can differentiate your hotel from the crowd- One differentiating factor between your hotel and the mass competition is the art which you display. Rather than putting cheap designs and regular paint, this will be remarkable feature. 
  • Build your brand story- With the exquisite hospitality art, you can weave a classic or a contemporary brand story. By connecting the dots and showcasing masterpieces, you can initiate an interesting dialogue between the hotel, its target audience, and the art and décor. 
  • Tool for promotion- Art display is not just an element of expenditure but also can act as a source of inspiration/investment. It can be used to promote your hotel on social media and other channels. You can also add the art while display or as a part of adverts. 
  •  Special place in guest’s heart- Hospitality art can never cease to create a space in the heart of its audience. Sometimes, it can be source of happiness in your blue days or can inspire you by driving your latent passion. It also has a long-term soothing effect which can take away any kind of dullness or gloominess. These intangible benefits can steal your heart away. 

Hospitality artwork is a good way to beat competition in case you want to stand out and emerge as a classy hotel brand. International guests frequently demand more individualistic experience and value the out of the box features while travelling. Art curation is also an easy and swift transaction for an hotel which can be easily managed by the hoteliers. The wide arena of hospitality art covers paintings, sculptures, wall murals and other formats, which lure the guests and share the saga of their history and helps to cultivate a positive brand identity. Because of the exotic and quirky experiences, travellers are also appreciating the beauty of boutique hotels which breaks the monotony and rigidity of the traditional hotel property. After a long tiring stay, guests want a peace of mind and some special striking features which adds on the relaxing experience. Not only grand properties but even budget hotels are coping up with the latest trend of introducing hospitality artwork. We might not even realise but the quality of our lives is greatly influenced by art and hoteliers are trying their level best to tap that emotion.  

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Last modified: April 8, 2021

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