How to Use Full Screen Mode and Split Screen On Mac

There is no doubt that a computer display size can make a big difference in how you work. This is why most buyers are encouraged to purchase the widest screen Macs if they can afford them. For instance, if you use an iMac or a 16” MacBook, you have sufficient room to work with. You can open multiple windows and keep them all organized efficiently, which makes multi-tasking very practical. However, if you have a smaller display like a 12” MacBook, you may not have enough room to carry out as many tasks as you would like to.

In such cases, you may need an external monitor to give yourself the best viewing experience possible. And to do this you will need to invest in a usb c multiport hub. These accessories can expand your Mac’s connectivity ports allowing you to connect to multiple external devices concurrently. This way, you plug in other devices like keyboards, monitors, microphones, speakers, mousepads, etc. If you don’t already own one, then check out the models available from the Lention brand. Most of the ones they have come with a wide variety of functionalities. Such as Gigabit Ethernet ports, High-speed USB 3.0 ports, 4K HDMI ports, SD/Micro Card Readers, etc.

Alternatively, if you can’t afford to use an external monitor to use multiple windows, the next best thing is to make each window as large as possible by using Full-Screen Mode. After all, if you only have a limited amount of space, then you are better off using the whole screen. This means minimizing the dock that sits at the bottom of your screen to create more space for your app.

How to use full screen mode on Mac?

You can make your application windows to be at their maximum size by using this simple feature. Once you activate it, the application will take the entire width of your screen.

There are three main ways to activate full-screen mode:

  1. Click the green button on the window
  2. Hold down the Command+Control+F buttons
  3. View > Enter Full Screen.

You all notice that while the app covers the entire screen, everything else will disappear from view, including your Dock. However, you will be able to access the dock by simply hovering the cursor at the bottom of your screen to bring the dock back into view. You will also be able to access the menu bar the same way, by hovering the cursor at the top of your screen to slide the menu options into view. You can also exit the full-screen mode by moving your cursor to the top of the screen and clicking the green button to minimize the window. Alternatively, you can press Command+Control+F once again or View > Exit Full Screen.

On a side note, another suggestion that we can make to improve your viewing experience is to invest in a laptop stand. Many Mac users don’t realize this, but how you position your Mac can also affect your viewing experience. Moreover, if you tend to spend a lot of time on your Mac, then you may end up experiencing back or neck pain, as a result. And, there is always the risk of having an overheating Mac, because of a lack of sufficient airflow underneath the laptop.

However, you can mitigate these issues and improve your display experience by purchasing Lention’s L5 multiple laptop stand. It offers an adjustable function, which comes with a rise-up structure that provides an excellent eye-level view of your screen. This also helps organize your workstation better. It is also extremely lightweight, portable, and compact enough formally use, bed t at home, work, or travel.

When is full-screen mode useful?

As stated in the beginning, it is practical if you work with a small display and need some extra space to conduct your work better. However, it is also useful if you work on desktops, as it is a great way to eliminate distractions and focus on the task at hand. Plus, if you are used to working on iPads with the full-screen view, you may find this mode to be more comfortable on Mac. A case example of this would be, if you are a writer that tends to spend most of your time working on the

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