How to Stop Streaming Away All Your Money

Keeping up with every series across all the major streaming platforms can be a full-time job. Sadly, it doesn’t pay like one. 

Is there a way to binge-watch all your favorites without spending more than you should? 

What Are the Signs You’re Overspending?

Overspending on anything (streaming or otherwise) has some pretty clear warning signs. You’re maxing out credit, using money you promised to put in savings, and going broke before each payday.

While you can probably manage like this fine during an average week, it does leave you vulnerable to the unexpected. What if your car stalls and you need to fix it ASAP to get to work tomorrow, or you break your thumb doing some DIY renos and need to see a doctor?

If you don’t have any savings, you could look into online loans. Online loans like installment loans and lines of credit act as safety nets when you fall short of what you need in an emergency.

It’s easy to apply for online loans, and fast, too. Most online lenders host applications 24/7 on their site, so you can check if you qualify as soon as you need help. 

4 Ways to Save Money on Your Streaming Subscriptions

With some budgeting, you won’t always have to rely on online loans in an emergency. Take a look at these tips to help you rein in spending without sacrificing your favorite shows.

1. Share Accounts with Others

Using your friend’s ex’s sister’s login for Netflix without her knowledge may be a social faux pas, but there’s nothing wrong with intentionally sharing your accounts with friends. Floating the idea could wind up saving everyone a bit of coin. 

Having a large friend group is key here, as everyone can pay for one account and share the login credentials. While you may only pay for Hulu, you’ll get to unlock Prime, Netflix, HBO, Disney+, and more.

2. Go Basic

If you can’t convince friends or family to share their passwords, it’s time to downgrade the package you’re currently paying for. Making this small switch could save you a considerable amount. 

Using Netflix as an example, moving from the premium ($17.99) to the basic ($8.99) package would cut your bill in half!

3. Pull the Plug

It wasn’t too long ago when you cut the cord, switching from a costly monthly cable bill to an affordable streaming service instead. Now that you have enough subscriptions to rival your old cable bill, it’s time to say goodbye. 

Go through your streaming services and be honest: do you need them all? Ideally, you’ll only have one or two accounts left after you pare back. If you aren’t sure which ones deserve to be on the chopping block, this helpful guide can help you make the big decision.

4. Start Watching Ads Again

One of the reasons why streaming services won out over cable is because you could skip the commercials to watch your TV shows on demand. Opting back into packages that allow ads could save you some money each month. 

All the major TV channels offer their streaming services for free with ads, including CBS, NBC, and ABC. You can also pay less for your Hulu or HBO Max subscription if you allow ad breaks.

The Takeaway

You can control how much you spend on streaming without limiting your options — and you don’t have to resort to a life of piracy either! Try these tips to watch everything you want without breaking the bank.

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