How to Stay Sane During Quarantine With Kids

As more states close down schools because of the pandemic virus outbreak, parents and caregivers — many of whom are also working at home — are not sure how to handle the pressure and stress of trying to maintain a sense of normalcy in these trying times.

Even if your children are attending online classes, it is still challenging keeping them stimulated and while your sanity at the same time, according to an aicle published in Money.

The first step, say expes, is to talk to your kids about why the schools are closed, and why self-isolation is so critical. Dr. Richard Horowitz, a parenting coach based in Florida tells Money that parents need to “factually explain, in age-appropriate language, what the virus is and its impact on their health. Reassure them that their parents are doing everything to keep them safe and healthy without over-exaggerating that everything is all right.”

According to MLive Michigan, here are some other tips to reduce the stress on you and your kids during quarantine:

  • Recognize your mood will set the tone. Michigan-based psychologist Dr. Tory Seif says: “If we maintain a sense of balance and composure, that will go a long way in keeping kids calm as well.”
  • Develop a daily schedule. Exes say it is impoant to create a new, consistent home schedule as structure is comfoing.
  • Take advantage of the time together. Every cloud has a silver lining and the coronavirus quarantine provides time for families to reconnect.
  • Encourage outdoor activity. Dr. Tony Youn, a Detroit-based cosmetic surgeon tells he and his wife take their two children hiking every day. Research shows sunlight and fresh air can improve your mood.
  • No play dates. This can be the hardest for youngsters, especially teenagers. However, public health officials strongly advise any social interaction are limited to family members, according to MLive.
  • Get creative on ways to connect with other. According to Parade, it is impoant to continue to socialize via text, email, and phone. You can even host a viual game night to keep everyone occupied.
  • Use Zoom to set up viual dates or happy hours with friends. According to Business Insider, this communications app for video conferencing has surged in popularity, especially among millennials, since the coronavirus pandemic.

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