How to Stay Fit at your Desk Job by Ido Fishman

Those who have a desk job will know how challenging it is to meet your fitness goals when you are work. If you are one of these people, how you deal with this situation? Read on to learn about the best tips you can follow by Ido Fishman to stay fit at your desk job. 

Carry Out Desk Workouts during the Work Day

It is possible (owing to the nature of your job) that you cannot find sufficient time to move further away from your office desk. In such a case, you can carry out little workouts while you sit. This will help to tone and strengthen your body muscles and keep you fit. Ido Fishman highly recommends that you try out a few of the following workouts: 

If you have a private room in your workplace that you may escape to, see if you can do around 15-20 squats each hour. try doing 10-20 squats every hour. You can make it into a challenge if you operate out of a cubicle. Inform all your colleagues what you have in mind on doing and do squats all together.  According to medical experts and Ido as well, squats burn a lot of calories very efficiently by thoroughly working all muscles in your 2 legs. Apart from that, your glutes will simply adore you!

Arm Circles:
While you sit, extend your arms sideways and make sure that your feet are firmly planted on the ground. Also, keep your back fully straight. Then, move your arms slowly forwards in circles for around 25 circles. After that perform the same number of circles backwards in reverse. This particular exercise has proven to bolster muscles in your upper back and neck.

Seated Leg Raises:
Seated leg raises is another very efficient workout that you can do at your office desk. While you are in a sitting position, extend your leg straight for about 3 seconds right in front of you, lower and lift while making sure that you do not touch the ground for 20 reps. Next, switch your legs. You can increase weight by tying your backpack or purse round your leg and then starting the exercise. Seated leg raises will tone your legs very quickly, while consolidating your core and increasing your fitness levels. 

Drink Plenty of Fluids

There is no doubt that drinking plenty of fluids helps you to stay fit at your desk job. 

It is common knowledge that we are all supposed to drink around 10 full glasses of water every day. That said, were you aware of the fact that when you fill up your water bottle, it can assist you in staying active? Ido Fishman suggests to take a quick break from your work and walk your way to the water fountain or the refill station in order to include some additional steps in your motionless day. It is true that when it comes to reaching your goals, every single step counts a lot! 

In addition, water assists you in keepinghydrated, alert and completely full. When you feel full, you can easily combat the early hunger you experience earlier in the day. To achieve better results, a great practice which is commonly adopted as well is to swap the midday coffee and diet soda with green tea. The latter is a terrific immunity booster that serves to bust the cold as well. 

Be Mindful of your Posture

Even if are you are paying attention to your posture when you exercise and walk, you will most likely begin to slump after a couple of minutes of sitting at your work desk.  So how do you tackle this? It is recommended by Ido Fishman that you combat this by ensuring that you are sitting up straight on your chair with your knees and hips positioned at a ninety degree angle.

In case if you are not aware, poor posture can impact your workout by disturbing your spinal cord making you lose your balance. This may happen even if you adopt the correct exercise techniques so the right posture is extremely important!  Make sure that you do not disrupt your workout by sinking at your work desk. Fix it immediately if you find yourself slumping. You can rest assured that this is completely reversible and you can address it very easily without any bother. 

Carve out Time to Move and Work Around

As mentioned earlier in this piece, each step that you take matters when you work towards particular goals. If you want to get in those additional steps, you can try a few things. For example, you can opt for the stairs instead of the elevators or park your car further away from your usual spot in the morning time. Moreover, what you can also do is get your work partner and take a short stroll during the afternoon lunch break. It is true that nothing really beats taking a stroll with a friend and squeezing in some quality exercise at the same time. That is sure to make your afternoon break even better! 

Other effective things that you may include are: taking all your business and work calls while you stand, walking over to your partner’s work desk rather than placing a call or shooting an email. In addition, if you travel to work through public transport, you can get off at an earlier stop and walk for the remaining distance. All of these tactics will surely help you accomplish your fitness objectives much quickly and enable you to stay healthier in the workplace and in general. 

Bottom Line

Many agree that when you work at a desk, that can seriously make it difficult for you to meet your fitness goals. That said, following the aforementioned strategies by Ido Fishman can go a long way to help you maintain optimal fitness and stay sharp at the work place. Just make sure that whatever strategy you adopt, stick with it for a period if time if you want to see productive results. 

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