How to Start an Alcohol Delivery business in Singapore

The era of covid 19 has sparked demand for delivery services of various goods and services in Singapore. Fashion stores, restaurants, grocery stores, and even alcohol delivery have provided an avenue for expanding businesses. Many Alcohol delivery services have turned to sell their drinks online and deliver them to customers at their doorsteps. It has become critical, especially to customers working from home, as they can place an order from their favorite brewery and wait for them at home. However, starting a delivery service is not that easy. It requires enough money to start, legal permission. Suppose you are a business person thinking to venture into an alcohol delivery service in Singapore but have no idea how to go about it. Here are things to know.

Check state and local guidelines.

State rules and guidelines are essential in starting any business, and alcohol delivery service should follow the state laws in Singapore .for you to sell alcohol, you must have a valid liquor license. Before you apply for the license, you must specify the type of alcoholic beverages you will be delivered, the time you will be operating, and the type of business establishment. Other requirements are ;

-Be a Singapore citizen, a permanent resident in Singapore, or possess a FIN issued by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA)

-your business must be registered with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority in Singapore

-You must be properly fit

Go Through the Legal Procedure

Many people think that registering an alcohol delivery service in Singapore is complicated, but this is not the case. All you need is to do is read local and state laws so that you apply for an alcohol delivery license. If you are not aware of the legal procedures to follow, hire a lawyer to help you. You must apply and submit your application to the state licensing office. Another requirement is a health certificate from the ministry of health to open an alcohol delivery service.

Plan Alcohol Delivery Service Menu

Developing a delivery menu can save you time in the long run. A menu may accompany alcohol delivery and comprises some snacks that you can offer alongside alcohol. A well-designed menu attracts more customers and hence increases sales profit. Some alcohol lovers love taking some snacks while enjoying their drink, and hence offering some will benefit them.

Set up an online ordering system.

With the rise of the Covid 19 pandemic, many alcohol consumers have been requested to stay at home and maintain social distance to avoid the spread of the disease. In this case, many retailers and suppliers of goods and services have embarked on the use of the internet to offer their goods and services. Alcohol delivery has no exception. A person willing to start an alcohol delivery business at this hard time should open an online ordering system. This is best for customers who want to enjoy the drink at home. It is also a good way of managing alcohol orders. The online system is an easy and fast way to deliver alcohol to potential customers who are working from home.

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