How to Shop for Bass Fishing Gear.

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Shopping for bass fishing gear can get very hectic, deciding what you need, where to get it, and if they still have it can be such a hectic experience that can turn any inexperienced bass pro into an uninterested one.  In this guide, we will be showing you how to prioritize gear, the best places to get it, and what you need exactly to get started with Bass fishing gear. After this article, you should be ready to pack and rush out of that door and onward to your fishing trip as soon as you are done. 

To start, expect that you will definitely be going shop to shop to find all the gear you may need for a proper bass fishing expedition, which is why we highly recommend subscribing to services like the Bass Box in order to cut your trips around local bass pro shops in half since you will have all the convenience in the world to have your bass fishing gear delivered straight to your door. The latest and the greatest bass fishing gear at the tip of your fingers delivered on time and included are all the gear you will ever need to improve your experience as a bass pro.

What are you looking for exactly? 

When shopping for the right bass fishing gear , you have to know what exactly you will need for your trip. We all know the inconvenience of leaving the house for a long trip and end up driving back just because we forgot something essential that has to be in our kit. 

Here are a few things that you must have prepared before your next big bass fishing trip

Fishing Rod, Reel, and Fishing line

Any experienced bass pro knows that the quality of your fishing rod is essential, your fishing rod must be able to withstand the pushing and pulling of the bass that you will be catching without snapping in two and letting your prey get away. The reel used must also be of a higher quality since you would not want it to unspool your finishing line in the most crucial moments of your fishing adventure. 

The fishing line must be strength tested and approved for bass fishing since the waters are not as clear as conventional fishing spots, you will need a fishing line that can withstand going through murky waters and possibly snagging mud at times.

Hook them in real good

Aside from those mentioned above, you have to stock up on hooks of different sizes to catch a variety of sizes when it comes to fish as well. Having extra hooks can definitely spare you the inconvenience of going back and forth to your local shop because you lose the only one you have on you at the time.

Bait them in

When shopping for bait for your next bass fishing trip, make sure to always consider where you will be fishing, and the best bait for the given situation, crickets are highly recommended for bass fishing, but you will also need multiple types of bait in case the fishes are not biting as well as you would want them to

Lure to assure

Lures are basically designed to mimic actual fish so that you can get any predator in the waters attention.  Plastic and non-moving lures are best for bass fishing, darker lures are ideal for bass fishing as well since you will be in an area with very limited visibility, areas where visual queues might not be enough to catch the prey’s attention

Don’t forget the needle nose pliers

Needle nose pliers are used to take the hooks out of your catch, avoid hurting yourself and make sure to pack these pliers with you on all of your future bass fishing trips.

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