How to Sell On AWS

When shoppers think of buying on Amazon, many times they do not have much idea if they are purchasing something from Amazon or Amazon Marketplace. It is actually a nice thing for the retailers since it allows them to gain from this brand reputation of e-commerce behemoth & sell the products on this platform. 

Being the 3rd party seller, you are loaded with many options to reach 300 million customers across the world in AWS. Here, we are going to explain what exactly it is, but first, let us know more about this marketplace in detail.

About Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Marketplace is an eCommerce platform, which allows the 3rd party sellers to make sell on this platform. Amazon Marketplace or AWS is completely integrated into Amazon that in case we are told to make a diagram, circles will overlap. For the shopper, it seems like they are buying through the Amazon site, as the whole purchasing & checkout experience happens on the domain. 

But, if they buy an Amazon Marketplace, Amazon just takes a part of its sale, and the rest goes to 3rd party seller. The third-party sellers will sell both the new and the used products on the Amazon Marketplace. AWS is one amazing platform that enables third-party sellers for selling their products here. More than 12 million products get sold every year on Amazon. Factor in the Amazon Marketplace sales, the number jumps more than 3 billion.

This being said, you will find many good products from third-party sellers that also at a very good price range. Just take proper care & do research, check their reviews & try to spot any fakes –generally fakes may have a lot of identical reviews – you may use a review search tool & type keywords such as “customer service,” “bad,” and “return,” to find issues that buyers have already encountered.

How much do the Amazon sellers make?

Although there’re many different ways for selling on the Amazon marketplace, the most common one is through Amazon’s Fulfillment program. Just like other businesses out there, selling on Amazon can involve a few fees and expenses on the seller’s part, however, what makes FBA very appealing is it simplifies for the sellers. Just put, you select the product, get this to Amazon’s warehouses, get the Amazon listing ready, and Amazon will do the remaining task for you. And you will start seeing the sales & profits happening within no time.

Do not worry you are safe

Another primary reason to shop on Amazon is that it is completely safe and the website uses SSL. It is one kind of software, which encrypts your card details. But, you must be very cautious, check out that you are on Amazon & not the website that appears like it before you make your purchase on the site, and the best way you can do this is by checking URL ends with the country code. For example, if you are shopping in the UK then the address will be something like

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