How to Properly Store Vinyl to Avoid Damage

Vinyl records are nothing less than a precious and invaluable accessory for those who cherish music. Besides, it is one of the most delicate analog formats that are prone to damages. Improper maintenance of the same can affect the longevity of the performance. Further, environmental stressors such as humidity and temperature also define the vinyl records’ condition and health.

Most people often fail to store the vinyl records appropriately, thus leading to quality deterioration and many more. One has to consider certain aspects before storing the vinyl record to avoid the inevitable damages.

Where to Keep the Vinyl Records?

Generally, the music fanatics prefer to chuck the antique record collections in the roof space to secure. Yet this is not always the suitable choice in the long run. Further, the following are the essential elements that you need to analyze while exploring storage possibilities for the vinyl records.

In due course, excessive exposure to direct sunlight or other bright lights can cause damage to the vinyl record. To prevent this, make sure that your record is kept far away from the reach of harmful UV rays.

Ideally, it is recommendable to store the vinyl covers in neither too hot nor too cold place. For this, you can keep the record in a temperature-regulated storage unit. Alternatively, cellars are also a great storage option but check the moisture level in that particular area.

A high level of humidity or moisture in the air can deteriorate the vinyl records quickly. So it would help if you preferred the place where the humidity level is 30 to 40% only. Additionally, ensure that the temperature ranges around 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Keep the Vinyl Records?

After selecting the best storage location, one needs to figure out how to store vinyl records. Mainly, there are two types of storage options; short-term and long-term. You have to pick one amongst them as per the usage and requirement of the vinyl record.

Short-term Storage

If you actively listen to your vinyl record, then short-term storage is for you. One of the most significant parts is that it provides easy access to the record. Place the vinyl record over the shelf underneath the turntable and pull it out when you want to use it. Usually, the temperature of such a storage space would be around 70 degrees. Yet ensure that the humidity levels should not be too high.

Most importantly, do not place a couple of vinyl records on top of each other at the same place. Clean them thoroughly before and after each application. Additionally, you can even buy inner and outer sleeves for optimum protection of vinyl records. These are crafted either with plastic or anti-static paper to keep the dust and dirt away. Moreover, it also safeguards the cover of the cardboard album alongside the vinyl inside.

Long-term Storage

Long-term storage solutions are suitable for those people who take out their vinyl records once in a while. If you use them only once or twice a year, finding permanent storage space is necessary. On the other hand, storing a couple of records together can be a challenging task. You can use bigger shelves with dividers to store the records separately.

Another essential thing to keep in mind is the pressure that is placed over them. Typically, a vinyl record of 12 inches would weigh around 5 ounces. If there are 50 records on the shelf, the pressure of 15-20 pounds would be leaning over the last one in line. To avoid this, refrain from storing the records one over another for a long time.


After going through the information above, you must have learned how to store vinyl records. Besides proper placement of records, it is vital to check the environmental factors such as sunlight and humidity. Other than this, do not keep them in weaker shelves or attics that are not temperature regulated. After all, good maintenance is a must, especially when one has such a vintage music accessory in the house.

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