How to prepare for organic chemistry in class 12?

Organic Chemistry is a branch of Chemistry that deals with the study of structure, properties, and chemical reactions of organic compounds. It mostly focuses on molecules that are composed of carbon and hydrogen.

Just like Mathematics involves a lot of formulas, organic chemistry deals with a lot of equations that might be tough for students to comprehend with ease. 

And organic chemistry commences only from class 11. So, unlike other subjects, students are new to this and might need more time to understand it. Though it can not be solved like the problems in Mathematics, there are few tips that would help one master this subject with ease. Let us dive in deep on how to prepare for organic chemistry in grade 12. 

Though it seems difficult, it is not inherently difficult if you follow a good system of preparation. For any subject, mere memorization does not work out. So, the first key that unlocks the difficulty is to study with understanding rather than simply memorising everything without knowing anything.

While in the class, it is essential to take notes as and when you listen to the lecture. Taking notes will help us to remember things to an extent. Ask questions then and there when you find that you are unable to comprehend something.

Peer discussion will also help to an extent. Also, set aside at least 30 minutes to read through the notes after class. This is really very essential as it will help you recall everything. You can also quickly note down things that are unclear and clarify them in the next class. 

Just like a good friend or companion helps you in all aspects, you will have to choose the right companion for your studies.

Good books are always a good companion. So, choose a good guide that will help you comprehend and retain all the concepts. There are a lot of offline and online resources available exclusively for the preparation of board exams. If 

your class teacher recommends following a guide, you shall stick to using it. Otherwise, you shall always study online and browse for the extensive content that is available online— a bunch of websites that provide free guides along with self-explanatory videos and expert chat benefits.

Here are a few listed, but it is advisable that you browse through and find the one that is easy for your understanding. 

● Doubt nut 

● Learn CBSE 

● Vedantu 

● Byjus 

Most of these provide pdf facilities using which you can print the necessary materials and refer to them whenever needed.

Once you have a clear understanding of all the concepts, then organic chemistry surely becomes your cup of tea. Apart from this, the rest of the preparation becomes easier.

It just involves a practice that will lead to perfection. Organic Chemistry opens the door to understand the application of chemistry in real life. So, always associate your learning with real-life applications, which would help you to retain the knowledge. 

Devise a plan to practice all the questions in the book on a regular basis. Stick to it and practice it daily.

Work out all the sample and previous question papers given in the guides one by one and understand if you could solve them on your own. The more problems you do, the more you get acquainted with them. Check if you go wrong somewhere, and it is essential for you to monitor where you have gone wrong.

See if you can refer to the notes and correct them on your own rather than approaching your teacher or a friend. In case you are not able to sort it out on your own, check with your teacher or seek the guidance of online experts or refer to NCERT solutions. 

If you find Organic Chemistry interesting and you would like to dive in more for a deeper understanding, you should also read the book “Organic Chemistry as a Second Language” by David R. Klein.

Wondering about the title if Organic Chemistry is a language. Yes, the molecular structures are similar to the properties of a language. Though this book serves as a good reference for college students, grade 12 students who want to quest their knowledge on Organic Chemistry can use it. 

Though you might have a lot of online versus offline notes, as a final step, Maintaining your own notes is suggested as that will help you revise everything during the board examination.

Pen down all the important definitions, reactions, mechanisms etc… More than the printed version, this will be of greater help. Hence, with a good amount of preparation combined with the interest, there is no need to panic about attending the questions in Organic Chemistry.

Therefore, in line with the famous proverb on practice, extensive practice can solve all your nightmares with respect to Organic Chemistry. We hope that this helps you achieve the best-desired results that you aspire for. 

Frequently asked questions? 

1. Is it essential to use a guide along with the school textbooks? 

Yes, a guide will serve as a good companion. But, it is not mandatory and serves as an added advantage to score good marks. 

2. In how many days can I get prepared with Organic Chemistry? 

Ideally, if you follow the class attentively and practice regularly, you can master it easily and get prepared in 2 to 3 months. 

3. What are the best and simplest ways to study Organic Chemistry?

It is one of the essential subjects that is required for many competitive exams too. So, it is necessary to strengthen the basics via online or offline resources in order to prepare well. Finding the right source that is comfortable for you is the best way to prepare. 

4. Is there any order to study the topics for general Organic Chemistry? 

The answer to this question is available in the textbook. Yes, the topics are arranged in the same order as to which one should prepare or study for the examination.

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