How to plan a budget trip from India to a foreign country

We all wish to plan a trip with our family or friends in order to escape from our hectic lives and take a nice break. But often, our budget constraints stop us from doing so. But did you know that trips can be planned along with keeping in mind your budget constraints too? If you are a resident of India, this article is for you. Let’s talk about how one can plan a budget trip from India to a foreign country.

Choosing an economical destination

Majorly, the amount of money that you will have to spend on a trip depends on your destination. Hence, choosing an affordable country to travel to is the key. There are a lot of foreign places you can visit and have the kind of fun you would have at some expensive place. Since choosing the destination country would also directly affect the transportation, accommodation and similar expenses it is very important that you give a lot of thinking to make this decision. Let’s talk about some affordable places where you can go to have some fun without upsetting your pockets. Here is a list of all the cheapest countries to visit from India.


Our first worry, whenever we decide to visit a foreign country, is that of the passport. But guess what, you can travel from India to Bhutan without being a passport holder. In Bhutan, you can carry out fun activities like Cultural tours, Local sightseeing, Himalayan tours, Adventure Sports, Trekking, Religious Tours, Wildlife Spotting. Talking about the expense, you’ll be stunned to know that per head, it’s going to cost you as low as ₹25000. Phuentsholing, Thimphu, Punakha, Trashigang, Haa Valley, Trongsa are some of the places which are very famous among tourists. In Bhutan, you will get to see mesmerizing fortresses and monasteries which will make your trip totally a worthy one. The landscapes here vary from subtropical plains to mountains and valleys.

Hong Kong

If you are planning a trip with kids, then Hong Kong is definitely a place you should visit. Kids love Hong Kong because of the fun-filled atmosphere in the city. Not only for kids, but Hong Kong is also a suitable place for the elderly as a lot of religious tours are organized in the city. If you are down for some adventure then you should definitely visit Hong Kong because of the exceptional adventure tours that are organized here. Hong Kong is well known for Local Shopping as well as the different food styles it has to offer to the tourists. So much fun for just ₹40000 per head. Unbelievable, it must sound, but it is true.


We bet you thought that traveling to Singapore was an expensive deal. Well, you are wrong on this. You can travel to Singapore for as low as ₹45000. Singapore, as we all know, is one fascinating city. Singapore is very famous for the delicious food that is served here. It won’t be wrong to say that Singapore is the city to hold the title ‘the ideal holiday destination.’ If you want to visit a place that has beautiful beaches, Singapore should be your call. The famous places to visit in Singapore are The Singapore Flyer, Helix Bridge, Merlion Park, Istana, The Temple of 1000 Lights & The civilian war memorial.

Look for low-cost flights

There are a lot of websites that display tens of flight options to choose from. They also help you compare which flight would be more economical for you, so you should always let these websites guide you. 

Plan in advance

Once you decide that you want to go on a trip with your family or friends, don’t slack off or procrastinate the planning of the trip for later. By planning a trip in advance, you can also look for flights a lot more sooner hence finding yourself cheaper flights. Planning in advance also lets you save up for the trip which will definitely help you to ease up the expenses of the trip. Buy yourself time for taking a better look at all accommodation and transportation facilities and choosing the most economical one.

Have Emergency Funds ready

Trying to plan a budget trip, we must not also forget to keep emergency funds ready. We never know what sort of situation we might have to face which is exactly why it’s always best to have some extra money with us. 

You must give a lot of thinking to the planning of the trip and carefully do it. We suggest that you decide the daily expenses on an estimate so that you can enjoy your vacation without having to worry about the costs. Have a wonderful trip!

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