How to pick the best pieces when buying jewellery online

Choosing a piece of jewellery for ourselves has been quite straightforward till a while back. We used to visit jewellery stores and pick up the pieces that we liked. It was that simple! But now with all of us running between a million things, spending leisurely hours in a store, browsing through pieces, and selecting one seems quite a luxury. 

And what’s more, there are thousands of jewellery options available online that you not only get a better choice, lower prices but can also purchase jewellery without having to leave your home. But how do you know that what you are buying is genuine stuff from the endless choices available online?

Here are some smart tips for helping you pick the best jewellery online:

  • Know what you want: Are you someone who likes to go by the trends or sticks to the cool and classy? Since it is a considerable investment that you will make, ensure that you buy what you will stick with for a long time to come. It could be the good old gold or diamond bracelet and cocktail rings or the more in-trend stackable rings and layered necklaces. If it’s your first buy, let it be minimal and one that can be worn on a daily basis. That way you get to know your taste and don’t even spend too much money
  • Look for certification: If you are buying jewellery in precious metals or stones, always insist on seeing their hallmark. This will give you an idea about the cartage of gold, the purity code, the testing center’s authentication, etc. This is the only way to be sure of where you are putting your hard-earned money in. This is mostly taken care of when you pick up your jewellery from a credible online jewellery shopping website. 
  • Find out your size: When you are buying earrings, anklets, necklaces, or bracelets, size is not going to be a problem while buying jewellery online. But when it comes to rings and bangles, you need to opt for the right size. Head over to your jeweller and get your size measured before you invest in a ring or bangles.
  • Know your warranties: If you are investing a considerable sum on buying jewellery online or if you plan to shop for gold coins online, make sure that the company that you are buying from backs your purchase with a warranty. Though this may be added to the cost of your product, it’s certainly worth the effort and the price. 
  • Read up the reviews: Reviews and ratings are the best way to know how what you are buying has worked for other people. There may be people who would have bought the same pieces as you and posted their experience. So, this gives you an actual user’s viewpoint instead of just a visual viewpoint that you have before you make the purchase.
  • Go with the best brand: While shopping at physical stores you have an option of interacting with the salespeople and trying on the jewellery, these options are not available when you shop for jewellery online. However, online jewellery stores have really upped the ante. Most of them now offer 360-degree videos to share how your jewellery actually looks like. Plus, they offer smoother return policies, have competitive prices, and have knowledgeable representatives willing to answer as many questions as you have.

With these tips, your jewellery buying experience will always be fun and exciting without being stressed and worried about what you are going to end up with. You will be able to buy genuine pieces of jewellery that will be a keepsake for life. 

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