How to Pick Presents That Fit Your Friends’ Personalities

Shopping for friends can be stressful. The great news is that it doesn’t have to be. If you take into account your friends’ personalities, you’ll be in a great spot to pick a unique gift like a vape pen or adventure guide they’ll love. For ideas on how to give your friends gifts that match their personalities, read on.

The Gaming Friend


No two friends are exactly alike. The reality is that we form our friend groups hoping to get a mix of people who bring out parts of our personalities. Some friends are perfect for helping us to relax, while some know how to get our bloodstreams flowing. When shopping for a friend, no matter what their personality, it’s important to consider their interests and preferences.

When shopping for a friend who loves gaming or spends free time looking up tiers on Cold War weapons for games like Call of Duty, it can feel like a warzone when trying to find them a gift if you don’t understand the gaming industry. The great news is that you can find your gaming friend the perfect gift with just a little research. A visit to a place like Hotspawn could be exactly what you need to get a better idea of the perfect gift for your gaming friend. Hotspawn combines news, in-depth analysis, and how-to guides into one place to help you learn everything you need to know about esports.

The Fashionable Friend


Your gift search for a fashionable friend could be as easy as a Google search for ‘women’s clothing stores near me.’ The reality is that you’ve probably spent enough time around your friend to know their personal style. Just like you know their favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry or that they like a certain blend of music, it’s probable that you understand their fashion sense as well.

While it can be intimidating to shop clothing and accessories for a friend, it’s a good idea to trust yourself in this area. Even if it’s your first time shopping for clothing for someone else, you might be surprised to find out just how well you know your friend. You could even wind up picking out their favorite heavy metal shirt or little black dress.

The Experimental Friend


Nearly everyone loves having that experimental friend who is first to try something new. If you have a friend who enjoys setting trends, it’s likely they already know all about CBD products and would enjoy a gift like the best CBD vapes on the market. CBD products are a great gift for any friend, as they come in a variety of flavors and forms. From tinctures and CBD oils to edibles and CBD e-liquid, this entirely safe and all natural product is one of the best ways to, not only calm nerves, but reduce joint pain.

Maybe your experimental friend has an injury from a climbing accident and could use some non-addictive pain relief. A CBD vape pen in a popular flavor could be an effective way to help your friend get sleep and feel better soon.

If you or your friend are beginners when it comes to the benefits of CBD or vape products, this gift is one you’ll want to research. CBD products come with many choices. From dosage to whether your friend would enjoy capsules or tinctures, this could be the type of gift you talk about with a friend ahead of time. The truth is that the fastest way to know what type of CBD your friend might like is to ask them. Remember: not every gift has to be a surprise. They may even want to ask their doctor about it beforehand.

The Adventurous Friend


It can be hard to resist that adventurous friend who will travel across the United States for a spur-of the-moment road trip to New York. Great gifts for friends who aren’t afraid to try new things, including travel, could be backpacks for hiking, gift cards to new places, and more. If you have an adventurous friend, think about their last road trip or an upcoming destination. In addition to listening to their adventures, you could even buy them a camera to help capture memories along their travels.

Whether chasing the Northern Lights or exploring National Parks across the United States, you could also offer to be your adventurous friend’s companion. While a camera on final sale is a great treat, there’s no cash value on shared memories. A trip together might be exactly what your adventurous friend would like.

The Nerdy or Artsy Friend


Most of us have that nerdy friend who’d rather stay home and read a book than go out discovering secret nature spots, researching warzone season, or tinkering with a vape device. For your quiet friend who loves to spend time alone learning, consider gifts like books, crafts, and gift cards to bookstores and coffee shops. Like your travelling friend, remember to also gift them with your time. Listening to an audiobook together or watching a documentary on a shared interest could be ways to bond.

In the end, most people chose friends they have something in common with. If you get stuck figuring out what gift to buy your friend, or you’re shopping for the friend who has everything, another great trick is to think about your common interests and go from there. Like your friends’ personalities will steer you in the right direction, your shared hobbies might do the same. Happy gift-giving to you. Trust your instincts!

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