How to Move to Another State: A Complete Guide

Have you ever thought about the best states to live in? Or did you get your dream job offer but it’s somewhere else? In either case, you may want to consider how to move to another state.

Moving far away can be scary, but it can be essential for growing as a person. But you don’t want to make the move more stressful than necessary.

Keep reading to learn how to move to another state.

Consider Why You’re Moving

Before moving to another state, consider why you’re moving. Perhaps you have a new job, or your current company is transferring you to a different location.

Maybe you’re about to start graduate school and need to go in person, so you need to move to the school’s city. Or you moved away from family and want or need to be closer to your loved ones.

If you know your reasons to move out of state, you can make sure you set everything up. So if you aren’t moving for work, you can make sure you start looking for a new job or a way to make money for when you move.

Determine Your Budget

Next, you should figure out your moving budget so that you can shop around for moving quotes. Your moving budget can also include money for things to help you settle into your new state while you look for work or before you start school.

Consider how much you can afford to spend on movers, packing, and transportation. You may also want to budget for the cost of a rental security deposit or a mortgage down payment.

You should also budget for the cost of living in the new state. If you want to move to Utah from somewhere in the South or Midwest, you may need to save extra money to account for a higher cost of living.

Organize Your Documents

As you start planning your move out of state, you should organize important documents that will help you. If you haven’t already, write your moving budget down and set some categories.

You can also write out a moving checklist that includes all of your belongings. Contact your doctor’s office to get a copy of your medical records to make transferring them easier, and the same for school records if you have kids.

Put these and any other crucial information in a folder or binder to keep them all together. That way, you have an easy way to reference your moving budget and checklist, and you can remember to pack and bring the other documents.

Find a Place to Live

Unless you’re moving to another state for school or as part of the military, it’s up to you to find somewhere to live. Consider if you want to rent or buy a home and if you want to live in an apartment or house.

If you decide to buy a house, consider contacting real estate agents in your new state. That way, you can have some help searching for new homes even when you aren’t in town yet.

You can look for homes that will be available around the time you want to move. While you can stay in a hotel for a while, doing that can get expensive, so try to find a house or apartment that you can move into soon.

Decide on Transportation

Another thing to consider is deciding how to move to another state when it comes to transportation. You can choose between driving, flying, or taking a train to your new state.

Driving can be a good option if your move isn’t very far. It can also be nice if you have a lot of valuables or pets that you need to bring with you so that you don’t have to worry about checking them on a flight.

However, a train or plane can be more convenient if you’re moving across the country. That way, you won’t have to stop in multiple places, so you can move more quickly.

Clean Out Your Closet

As you get closer to your moving date, you should go through your closet and any other belongings. Consider if you really need or want to keep something or if you can get rid of it.

This is especially important if you’re moving somewhere with a different climate. If you’re currently living in Utah or Colorado but moving to Florida, you probably won’t need a huge coat.

You can then sell, donate, or trash the items you aren’t going to keep. That way, you can lighten your load for the move, and you can save on space and make a little money for your move.

Book Movers

Now, you’re ready to book a moving company. Depending on the extent of your move, you may want to hire a company to pack, load, and move your belongings.

However, you can also hire people to just load and unload a truck for you. Or you can hire movers who will pack and load, and you can drive the truck.

Consider your moving budget and preferences. If you have a lot of valuables, you may want to drive the truck so that you know where it is. But you may want to hire someone for a longer move so that you can relax.

Get Packing

As your moving date gets closer, you can start packing. Figure out what you won’t need before you move, and you can pack that stuff first.

On the other hand, you should also pack an essentials bag for the move. That way, you can access your phone, medications, and a change of clothes before you get to your new state.

Use the moving checklist you created before and make a checkmark every time you pack something. When you get to your new state, you can make another checkmark when you unpack everything.

Reviewing How to Move to Another State

Whether you want to take a new job or simply explore the country, you may have different reasons to move out of state. Regardless of your reasoning, you should know how to move to another state.

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to the state next door or the other side of the country. Make sure you organize your belongings and set a budget for everything to help make moving to another state as smooth as possible.

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