How To Match Your Mattress And Body Type

The body shape and size of every person differs from one another and thus they need a different mattress to sleep that suits their body type.

Better quality sleep is desired by every person and it is their right to enjoy the moment of relaxing. But sometimes, it happens that you did not get sufficient sleep because of some uncomforted. This discomfort can also occur due to the selection of the wrong mattress. Once you will sleep on the wrong selection of mattress then you will find how bad you feel while taking disturbed sleep. In everyone’s life, surely there is one such night when you have to make adjustments on the mattress which is not the right size for you, maybe in some marriages or when you visit your friends or relatives’ house. When the height and weight of your body do not match with the mattress that simply means that you are on the wrong bed and it is not your cup of tea.

But don’t worry, we are here for you to increase your knowledge related to the mattress. Here you will get all the information about the different types of mattress that have been designed in such a way which perfectly suits the different body types. You must inquire in detail about the features of the mattress that you chose to buy. The salesman or the brand must equip you with all possible information regarding your pick as this is a part of their sales process. 

Things To Consider Before You Make A Purchase

There are many things to think about while you are planning to buy a new mattress for your room so that you can sleep on it comfortably. Some of the things are related to your body type. Yes, you have to know every about your sleeping habits, how you love to sleep, and how much space you need to take a relaxing nap. The height, weight, sleeping positions, severe pains, or any other health conditions are also included in it so that you can make a good choice of the mattress according to all of them. There are many types of mattresses brands available in the market which are designed in such a way that they fulfill the needs of your body. Nectar and Casper are two of such brands that provide excellent support and comfort. To understand better, you can make a comparison between nectar vs casper to know which one is better, more demanding, and comes in your budget.

If we talk about both the mattress then Nectar mattresses are very soft and maintain the cooling temperature of the body. This supports your spine in a better way. However the Casper also has many good features. But Casper is a little bit higher in price as compared to Nectar. Both provide good customer service as well as excellent warranty period.

In terms of softness, Nectar mattresses are more soft as compared to Casper mattresses. Light sleepers should go for Nectar while the combination sleepers, who change their positions multiple times at night should go for Casper

Sleeping Position

This is one of the most common factors that need to be understood that sleeping position affects a lot while you sleep. It needs a correct type of mattress so that you can take a good sleep without any disturbance. But it is also said that sometimes the different mattresses also support in providing you high quality sleep. Some of the brands are Nectar and Purple that provide the high quality service and also have an excellent reputation.  To understand that which brand will support your body type we can make a comparison between nectar v/s purple which gives excellent services but though they both are different from each other

The very first thing which affects the purchase of a mattress is its price. Though both are good and provide amazing services, the purple is somehow a little bit of a high price as compared to nectar.Almost there are the same features for both the mattress, they both are soft, comfortable and durable. But nectar offers extra services such as free pillows, sleeping trials, long time warranty period and many more.

Large sleepers requiring most comfort from the mattresses should go for Purple mattresses while light and medium weight sleepers requiring mattress with extra pressure relief should go for Nectar. 

This is about the mattress of different types. Now we will talk about the sleeping positions. Here is a full description to know which type of mattress is good for which sleeping position. Check out:

  • Back Sleepers: If you are a back sleeper then you should go with a hybrid or firmer foam mattress that combines the coil and foam both. The extra softer mattress will not provide enough support to your spine and as a result, it may cause severe pain.
  • Side Sleepers: This is one of the most types of sleeping positions in which the pressure is in your shoulder or hips. The softer mattress is good for such a position as it helps in relieving the pressure to the key points. People often love the memory foam or pillow top mattress if they are side-sleepers to get additional comfort and support
  • Stomach Sleepers: People who love to sleep on their stomachs should choose the hybrid or foam mattress so that they get support for their body. However, according to health experts. A stomach sleeping position is not a good way to sleep as it can raise many health issues which can prove serious in the future. It is advised to such a person that better switch your stomach sleeping position into another one to avoid severe pains and aches in the body.
  • Multiple Positions: Many people cannot sleep in the same position and keep on changing the position for the whole night. For such persons, the medium-firm mattress is best as it helps in adjusting the mattress according to their body type.

Body Type

After you know about your sleeping position, the body type also matters in the selection of a mattress. The height, weight, shape, size, and many other body descriptions affect your sleep if you select the mattress which is not suitable for any of them. Every person has a different height and weight that affects differently on your spine. Let’s have a look that which mattress is good for which body type:

  • Lower Body Weight: If you are not too heavy then select the medium-firm mattress. But at the same time if you feel spine pain or you are a side-sleeper then choose the softer mattress. 
  • High Body Weight: Heavy body needs extra support so you should go with the hybrid mattress which is combined with innerspring coils and provides foam comfort. Its durability is also good.
  • Mattress Size: The size of the mattress depends on the height of the people. Select the mattress according to your height so that you don’t have to suffer from small beds.

Health Conditions

The health conditions also need a mattress that can relieve their pain and other health issues. If you wake with lower back pain or neck pain then select the mattress that supports the full-body alignment equally. This will help in reducing your pain. For severe back pain, a medium-firm mattress is a good option. To know about the correct mattress for you that helps in relaxing your body from pains and other issues you should take advice from the doctor. You can also ask the mattress seller as they also know certain benefits of using different kinds of mattresses.

The Bottom Line

Mattresses are one of the best things that one can use to enjoy a good sleep. But one thing to keep in mind is that select the mattress that is suitable for your body and adjust according to your sleeping positions.

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