How to Make Money From Your Inspiration?

Everyone has their gifts, hobbies, talents, and things they do with ease by inspiration. Sometimes we dedicate hours every day to nurture these gifts and allow them to grow in us. Most times, people do it for its fun, other times because it helps them feel fulfilled. Whichever reason it is, the point is that you have a gift that you’re making use of.

There is, however, one more reason why you should make use of your hobby or talent. It is so that you can monetize it. Many people have done this before you, and many others will do it after you. It is up to you to either fall in or not. If I were you, I’d fall in.

You might already be thinking and asking how you can monetize your gifts. The fact is that almost all gifts or talent can be sold or monetized one way or the other. You just have to find which method works for you and use it. This article describes some talents and how you can monetize them


Beyond being a hobby or something you love doing, you can make money from writing. You can write and publish your articles online. There are many ways to put this ability into use and make money from it. One way is to sell your ability to people as a service. A typical example of this is to work as a freelance writer. The good thing is, there are several freelance platforms, such as Upwork and Fiverr, where you can meet those who seem ready to pay for your skill. If you can create good content and be an expert in a niche, you’ll be in hot demand.

Another way to make money from writing is to create a blog and write about things you’re passionate about.


If you have teaching as a hobby or are passionate about it, you can easily monetize it. Apart from working as a teacher or lecturer at a high school or college, there are other ways to monetize this gift. We are in a digital world now, and there’s an explosion of online content for both kids and adults. You can take advantage of this to create your educational websites where you make and upload your online course. You can make some content free and make others paid for.

It is also effortless to start. What you need is a camera to capture your teaching.


In this social media age, it’s not uncommon to see people take detailed pictures of foods and post them online. Cooking is a form of art, and it’s not surprising that people are monetizing it.

You can make a lot of money by monetizing your skills. You can start with a blog for your cooking. You can also create a YouTube channel or a dedicated Instagram account for your recipes. You can generate a lot of traffic for your cooking business with this. You can also create new recipes and sell them online. Another business is to get on the road with your food truck business.

Writers for say that these days, many people carry their phones with them to the kitchen, browsing the internet searching for new recipes to practice. There are many DIY chefs in search of cooking products and content that you can reach out to.


If your special skill is lettering, it’s one that you can sell online easily. What you need to do is to create a unique font and sell it. There are many ways for you to sell these fonts. There is a type foundry such as YouWorkForThem, which you can approach with your work of art. They will help you refine the fonts, complete them with font families, and provide other services. You will get a cut from any sales that they make from the font. Another means to sell your font is through retailers such as MyFonts. These retailers don’t provide any extra service. They are just a platform to help you sell your font. However, you have to make sure that your font is of high quality.


Photography is another exciting hobby that you can monetize easily. With a good camera, you can start as a freelance photographer. However, you could be restricted to just local gigs, and events and when there are no events, you will have less work on hand.

You can make more money from photography by selling your shots either as prints or stock photos. This is one skill that can also help you improve your Instagram following (which you can also monetize). Choose a niche for yourself and capture photos within that niche.

As mentioned on a Best Essays site, brands are willing to pay a lot to photography accounts on Instagram for sponsored posts.


There are many types of talents or hobbies that you can monetize. Rather than just do it for the fun of it (which is cool), take it one step further by monetizing it.

Author Bio: Rosa Hemming is a journalist with five years of experience working in the London magazine “Shop&buy.” She also worked at college paper writing service, where she provided essay writing service reviews.

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