How to keep fit and healthy over the age of 60

When we talk about fitness, we can think that age is a drag. The older we are, the harder it is for us to start new habits and give up the things we like but know are bad for us. It is true. But we tell you that 60 years are the best time to get in shape, and to keep it.

The best way to get in shape (and keep it) is to forget that idea of ​​suffering for a few months and then get (or not) to the physical shape you want for a couple of weeks. First thing is kept sleep balance. What you need is to stop seeing healthy food and exercise as punishment and find the point you like. If you don’t like swimming, try walking. If you don’t like sautéed broccoli, try a different recipe until you find the one that works for you.

Eat healthily?

The rules remain the same, eat healthily: avoid junk food, fried food, alcohol and fat. The fitness expert and, by the way, role model here in the sixth decade, recommends that we include more salmon, blueberries, broccoli, tomato, soy, flaxseed, oatmeal, strawberries, melon, garlic, beans and tea in our diet green. In addition, we should increase the intake of healthy fats such as olive oil, avocado or nuts.

One tip to improve your diet without too much effort is to plan meals in advance. If you go to the supermarket with the idea of ​​what you are going to eat during the week, you will not find yourself wandering the aisles and throwing whatever you want into the cart. You will go to shot done.


We propose to start a meditation to have healthy lifestyle. Start the day with it.  Make your monthly plan. It will keep your lungs and active your mind.

Keep sleep balance.

It is common that people lost their sleep when they are getting aged. But it is necessary to have the proper sleep time without getting disturb. Otherwise, your health will be affected. What you can do is balance your sleep, only take naps in specific times. Try to sleep in quiet and peaceful area.

What should you be exercising?

Do strength training. Maintaining muscle tone is key for our body to gain resistance against falls, walk in the open air, meditate, blows and strange movements.

Combine these exercises with cardio, which will help you keep your heart and lungs in shape, and stretching before and after each session, so as not to lose flexibility and avoid injuring yourself in the middle of an exercise.

Walk in the open air.

The second tip is to walk a lot and watch out for the weights. To get in shape past 60, it is best to adopt habit of walking. It is more effective than opting for machines. But if you really need to exercise then it is better to take a smaller weight and do more repetitions than to take a large weight that still annoys your muscles.

Take natural supplements.

Taking supplements such as hypoallergenic supplement is good, but it is important that you check if you have a history of genetic diseases such as thyroid disorders or diabetes, since they can have some effects on your health a change in your diet could help you counteract the effects that these diseases may have on your physical appearance.

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