How to Find What’s Causing an Odor in Your Home

Have you noticed some bad odors lingering in your home lately? While you may just try and mask the stench with an air freshener or candles, the truth is that those smells may be the result of something much more significant going on in your household. Here are a few things to consider that could cause those odors and ways to prevent them from lingering in your home.

Faulty HVAC Systems


There’s a great convenience in the ability to crank up the heat in the winter months with the same unit that cools you down during the summer, and that’s why zoned HVAC is gaining favor with homeowners. These HVAC units are a smart investment for your household but require regular maintenance to operate successfully. Be sure to regularly change filters, or clean them with one part of warm water and a cup of vinegar, and then rinse them off to let them dry.

Have an HVAC technician also come in to inspect ductwork if you notice a burning smell. That could be brought on by parts in the central air system that are beginning to rust or break down and dust in the duct lines. If you notice an odor of rotten eggs lingering in your house, this is due to a much more serious underlying issue with your heating system: a gas leak. Open windows for cross ventilation, and call a technician to take special attention to this particular odor problem.

Kitchen Catastrophes


When trying to figure out how to prevent bad odors in your home, consider the source of the problem. If you notice that your kitchen is funking up the place, take inventory of the stench. If you notice a smoke or grease smell still hovering after cooking, get some windows open to bring in some outdoor air to improve your indoor air quality. You can look into a deodorizer if you feel that that smell is still sticking around the kitchen.

Homeowners should also make sure to regularly clean out their refrigerator at least biweekly to toss any expired products and clean spills. Scrubbing shelves with soap and warm water is the easiest way to clean up inside the refrigerator, but a bleach spray is also recommended if there are any products that could create cross-contamination like meat or poultry.

Bathroom Bothers


Sometimes what goes on in the bathroom can stink up the entire home, so it’s important to have air fresheners on standby to eliminate that smell. It may be best to opt for an odor remover that can also combat harmful bacteria. One of the easiest ways to prevent bathroom odors from building up is regular cleaning of toilets, showers, and other fixtures. While bleach is the common fix, you can look into more natural approaches to counter the smells.

Bamboo charcoal has been used to absorb bad odors, while also counteracting mold and mildew growth. You can also create your own natural cleaning supplies by taking common household items like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice to clean up the chemical residue in the air.

Mold and Mildew


While regular scrubbing can help combat mold and mildew buildup, you may notice a musty smell still hovering about that just won’t go away. That’s when it may be time for a homeowner to consider mold testing. It’s important to check for leaks and cracks throughout the household where moisture may be accruing. This can create a breeding ground for spores that are dangerous for your family to be breathing in.

While you can attack mold with warm, soapy water and antibacterial spray, you might find it best to invest in a licensed technician to address this issue. It will go a long way in preventing this from happening down the line.

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