How to Find Ghost Adventures Near Me

Since the birth of humanity, people have speculated about what happens after someone dies. There are varying views, with some subscribing to reincarnation, believing their spirit returns in another physical form. Others believe in heaven and hell, while others reject the idea of an afterlife.

Some people believe in ghosts. People have been telling ghost stories for thousands of years. Ghosts are the souls of deceased people. Also known as spectrestheatre, ghosts usually appear at places significant to them when they were alive. Unexplained occurrences and sightings have fueled the belief in ghosts and demand for ghost tours, where you have a chance to glimpse apparitions with your own eyes. Visiting haunted attractions is a popular activity, particularly in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Let’s explore how to find a ghost adventure near you and what to expect when going on a ghost tour.

Finding a ghost adventure is simple.

You can use the internet to find ghost tours in your area by Googling “ghost adventures near me” and researching the results. U.S. Ghost Adventures has an interactive website with a map, enabling you to see markers indicating locations where they operate ghost adventures. You can hover your pointer over the red dots near your location and find the name of the local ghost tour in your area. Clicking on the red dot takes you to the web page for that specific ghost tour. Once you’re there, you can learn about the haunted places you’ll visit and what to expect from your adventure. You can also book tickets online.

There are haunted locations throughout the United States.

Viewing the interactive ghost adventures map illustrates the high volume of places with paranormal activity throughout the country. A tour in Honolulu will introduce you to the Night Marchers and let you follow in their footsteps. Tour guides discuss Hawaiian history and culture and delve into the state’s rich past. On the western side of the United States, you can visit popular haunted sites in several cities, including Seattle, Portland, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.

People in the southern part of the United States can check out the haunted history of cities such as San Antonio, Austin, New Orleans, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, St. Augustine, Savannah, Charleston, Atlanta, Asheville, Gatlinburg, and Nashville. In the northeastern and northern parts of the U.S., you can head out for an evening stroll by some haunted attractions in Chicago, Cincinnati, Williamsburg, Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston. New tour locations are added regularly due to the increasing popularity of touring haunted locations.

There are more than just haunted houses to explore.


Touring Los Angeles offers an opportunity to visit a haunted theater and castle, while a tour in San Francisco takes you to a haunted hotel. A ghost tour in Philadelphia starts at Washington Square and takes you to the bank haunted by Alexander Hamilton. Visiting Eastern State Penitentiary offers a chance to see the ghost of Al Capone.

Visit haunted Civil War battlefields in New Orleans, while San Antonio offers a chance to see the ghosts of Confederate soldiers. You may also choose a tour that gives you a chance to see ghostly apparitions at a haunted lighthouse, mansion, or graveyard.

Several signs could indicate a place might be haunted.


Seeing an apparition is an obvious sign a place might be haunted, but other indicators could suggest the presence of specters. Unexplained noises could suggest a spirit’s haunting a building or outdoor location. Poltergeists are spirits that like to move objects and make strange sounds. Sometimes, when you feel a temperature change, it indicates the presence of a spirit. If lights start flickering or you smell something you can’t explain, you could be witnessing signs of paranormal activity.

The best ghost tours take guests to some of the most famous haunted places. You’ll get a chance to visit historic haunted sites on a guided tour and learn about the history of the sites and ghostly encounters that have occurred in those locations.

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Last modified: September 21, 2021

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