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A CMR waybill (or a CMR document) is a standard document that highlights important information for the carriage of goods by road from one country to another, based on the CMR convention. If you are an exporter from a country that’s a contracting party to the CMR convention or are shipping to another country that’s a party, you need to fill in the CMR waybill before the shipment begins. In this article, we will walk you through how to fill in the CMR document so that you don’t spend money on consulting and administrative work.

Filling in the CMR: What Should You Know?

It’s necessary that you fill in the CMR accurately since you might be held accountable for any loss the carrier suffers due to inaccurate information. Not to worry though, filling out this document is not hard. The CMR document usually has gap numbers, so you simply need to fill it out one gap number at a time.

Information to Fill out in the CMR

Just a quick note, the details on a gap number might vary depending on the CMR form model you use. The information is, however, more or less the same. Try reading the details next to the gap number so that you fill out this form as accurately as possible. Below is a guide on how to fill in the CMR.

Gap number 1: Enter the name and address of the consignor, the sender.

Gap number 2: Enter the name and address of the consignee, the receiver.

Gap 3: Note down the cargo destination.

Gap 4: Write down the cargo’s loading location.

Gap 5: Indicate any instructions that could affect shipping. This gap can also be for noting down any attached documents, for example, invoices.

The gaps 6 to 12 are set aside for information related to the goods. Use this part to fill in the:

6. Numbers and features

7. Number of packages

8. Packaging type

9. Nature of goods

10. Statistical number

11. Gross weight

12. Volume

Gap number 13: This gap can be either the sender’s instructions or agreement between sender and carrier.

Gaps 14 to 15: Note down instructions on payment for the carriage.

Gap 16: Enter the name, country, and address of the carrier.

Gap 17: Enter the name and address of the successive carrier (If there is another carrier).

Gap 18: This gap is for the carrier to fill out any concerns or comments on the goods.

Gap 19 to 20: Write down the payment information.

Gap 21: Enter the place and date of the issue.

Gap 22: This gap is for the signature, stamp, and sender’s contact information.

Gap 23: This gap is for the signature, stamp, and carrier’s contact information.

Gap 24: This gap is for the signature, stamp, and receiver’s contact information.

How Many CMR Copies Should You Fill In?

The CMR document comes in three or four copies. The first copy (red) is for the consignor. The second (blue) is for the consignee, while the third (green) stays with the carrier. The fourth copy (black) is for administrative purposes.

How has the CMR Evolved?

For a long time, people filled the CMR document on traditional paper. There are now quicker and more efficient ways to complete this document. You can fill out the CMR document easily and more accurately using an online CMR generator. With this generator, you won’t have to deal with paperwork since you can store the document on the cloud.

Final Thoughts

Filling in a CMR document is not difficult. You just need to be keen as you enter your details in the document. A good tip would be to fill out one gap number at a time. Once you complete the form, reread it to ensure your information is accurate.

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