How to Establish Yourself as an Influencer on Instagram

You want to become famous on Instagram, increase your profile numbers to make money from shares. Do you want to know how it works? Here are tips and tricks for becoming an influencer by ACTIVEIG (Marketing leader of social media). Many users want to know how to become an influencer on Instagram. Social networks, for many people, are a real resource. 

And I’m not talking about earning a few hundred dollars; there are some profiles that manage to monetize. You can earn on the internet consistently by promoting, sponsoring, advertising products, and/or services provided by companies. If you want to become a star on Instagram or a serious influencer, you need to make people trust you. Is this enough to be successful on Instagram? Not really, even if it is a way forward that can make a difference. Here’s how to establish yourself as an influencer on Instagram.

Who are the influencers on Instagram?

But exactly who are the influencers? They are not VIPs, but ordinary people who lead normal lives and they are precious for this reason. I’m also talking about young people, boys and girls next door who have been able to build their identity online. The common points are competence, authority, and attention to the community.

What is the strength of influencers? With thousands of instagram followers, and with an active and faithful audience, they can influence the commercial choices of those who follow them. This is why the profiles in question are so requested, especially if they manage to end up in the Instagram suggestions.

And that’s where the juice of influencer marketing is

On Instagram, some people publish images and videos. Others follow fashion, take care of style, create cooking blogs, technology trends, and update themselves on the latest travel. They do everything to increase followers. But not everyone is famous. Why are they not so famous and how to become an Influencer on Instagram?

How to become popular on Instagram

Do you want to join Instagram to become a successful influencer? It is not a downhill road. This is one of the most popular social networks; it boasts over 1 billion users per month. Standing out is an essential requirement to become an influencer, a step that goes beyond the numbers and the number of followers.

The tricks to become an influencer

The first goal is to choose your own niche. To have more opportunities for success, it is advisable to avoid a generic profile.  Better to focus on a topic. Music, books, animals, lifestyle, and fashion, the possibilities are endless. Then the second goal is to tell your story.

You have to identify a narrative style and follow it to the end. People have to look at a post and quickly understand it’s you. The storytelling of Instagram is the trump card to become influencers.

How to make money on Instagram

You must receive offers from companies that need influencers on Instagram. That is people who have a following and can guide community purchases. This is the best way to monetize on Instagram; you have to make people decide to publish on your profile to advertising. It is the best way to be taken into consideration by brands. How to convince brands to choose you?

You have to improve your numbers from a qualitative and quantitative point of view. This means having many active, real Instagram followers but also many likes, many real and interaction-based comments. And again, you need to have a lot of views on Instagram videos and stories, and this is a fundamental requirement.

But often here you are wrong. Many wonder how to become an Influencer on Instagram. And they limit themselves to appearances to obtain immediate results. For example, they decide to buy Instagram followers on Instagram, or they rely on bots that automate interactions.

How much an influencer earns

This is the question that everyone wants to know how much does an influencer earns on Instagram? Difficult to give a definitive answer, but according to the Economist’s graphics in the most affirmed cases, it is possible to reach up to $ 150,000 for a post signed with the hashtags #ad or #sponsored.

Increase followers on Instagram

One of the main problems faced by those who want to work as an influencer on Instagram is the number of followers. Often, after an initial boom of followers, there is a deadlock that is difficult to overcome. In this case, you have to proceed in an organized way, and study campaigns to increase the followers.

To do this, it is important to choose the right tools, without neglecting the quality of content and followers. The photos must be of quality to have many likes.

The captions must encourage interaction; the profile must be intriguing to convince visitors to become followers. To increase your fan base, you must be superior; it must be remarkable. Here are other tips for Influencers:

  • You must be present in the communities.
  • Comment and leave quality contributions
  • Use likes to appreciate people you admire.
  • Enter the location in the photos.
  • Use the best hashtags for your shot.
  • Interact with your target.
  • Publish continuously.
  • Use advertisements to sponsor.

Finally, use a trademark, an element that unites each photo. An example would be a recurring use of a photographic filter, which gives a continuous atmosphere and acts as a common thread. So you can immediately recall an emotion you want to communicate.

Influencer marketing: the mistakes to avoid

According to a survey conducted by Emarketer, in the next 12 months, 85% of marketers and professionals in the field of communication will involve influencers to start advertising campaigns. Influencer marketing is an unstoppable phenomenon that continues to grow.

How to measure the work of an influencer

Influencer marketing expands like wildfire. In fact, many brands are willing to pay in exchange for genuine and effective advertising, entrusting their products to Instagram celebrities. What do brands look for when it comes to influencer marketing? It is a combination of a good reputation, excellent engagement, and involvement from the public. That means not just numbers are needed. 

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