How to choose woman leather harness for your underwear party?

Almost every woman attends entertainment events. And among the very popular there are lingerie parties. They are often held at a friend’s house or in clubs with a large number of girls. And of course, the main thing, in this case, is the female outfit. Choosing an image for this occasion, everyone wants it to combine all the important aspects for a woman: elegance, femininity, sexuality, sense of style, and trend. The presence in the image of elements of clothing such as woman leather harness allows fashionistas to look not only sexy but also stylish. The main color palette is black, red, white, and for lovers of bright, unusual accessories – pink, yellow, blue, green, purple.

It is important to remember that the specificity of the style lies in the gentle romance that thin belts in leather harness woman can convey. They will highlight the benefits of your figure. If you want to highlight your bust, then choose a leather bra, and if you draw attention to the hips, then garter belts are created for you. Better yet, all these leather attributes will look complete. It all depends on your preference and the mood you want to show. In an everyday look, body harness is a very laconic accessory, no-frills, focusing on only one specific part of the body. But there are options that look especially catchy and sexy – this is a harness for the whole body, from the neck to the hips. It is important to understand that this option is rather not for everyday wearing, but it is a great idea for a bright sexy look.

The women’s harness on the legs is both a self-contained item and a very stylish sexy addition to stockings, and with its help, it is easy to create an exciting look. This appearance appeals to fans of extravagant outfits.

Another popular option is the chest model. You can use such a thing for different purposes – as an addition to the image in a business or urban style, or as accessories for sexual games. How the thing will look, stylish or defiant, depends, first of all, on the styles of clothing with which it is combined. In a casual look, a bra harness is appropriate in combination with a light shirt or with a plain dress in the style of minimalism.

Basic rules for wearing women leather harnesses.

The harness in combination with laconic clothing replaces any jewelry, complementing the image. In order to prevent an unnecessarily variegated effect in the attire or even vulgarity, it is worth following some important rules:

  • the more complex the design of the harness, the more concise the clothes should be;
  • do not combine it with sexy defiant clothes;
  • it is better not to wear a lot of jewelry;
  • the body should not be naked; refrain from deep cleavage.

Such an outfit is very self-contained, so the main accessory to it is self-confidence. And thanks to these bold additions, you will surprise everyone at the parties.

Where to buy full body harness women?

If you are not sure where to choose plus size harness women, then you should look at the product models in the online store The site contains a huge catalog of handmade lingerie. You will definitely find the best option for you with the wide range of products. Treat your body with an exclusive accessory. The first thing you think of when you open the package is “Wow, why didn’t I buy this sooner?” The most popular leather sex harness in unusual designs. Such you will not find anywhere else. They will charm you at first sight. They are made of genuine Italian leather and nickel-plated fittings. All materials are of premium quality. Thus, they will delight you for a long time, while maintaining their original excellent characteristics.

When choosing a product, you need to remember that every woman is unique and has her own characteristics of the figure. But sometimes it is difficult to choose the size. In this case, you do not need to worry. In the Lustharness store, there is a manufacture based on individual body parameters. Thus, the leather female harness is perfect for your body. With the help of the adjusting straps, you will make the most comfortable fit. The products are very pleasant to the naked body, do not press or irritate delicate skin. Remember also about the selection of appropriate clothing for these leather attributes, shoes, jewelry, and of course makeup. Everything needs to be harmoniously combined with each other and create a magnificent ensemble. Feel the pleasure of exclusive accessories and create a stunning impression on your friends and men.

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Leather harness in a female outfit: where to buy and how to wear?

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