How To Choose the Right Wall Art for Your Home Office

When you’re working from home, you enjoy the freedom to decorate your workspace as creatively as you want. A well-decorated home office inspires productivity, creativity and keeps the feeling of isolation at bay. And, hanging wall art is one easy and simple way to spruce up your workspace instantly and effortlessly.

While there’s no particular rule for adorning the room, following instructions will help find the perfect wall art piece. Use these steps to optimize the home office decorating process. 

So, let’s get started:


The colors spread around in your workspace are not just about aesthetics. The tones and shades you use also affect the mood and motivation that help you to be productive. 

So, when choosing wall art for your office space, make sure you pay attention to the color. Some expert-approved shades are

  • Dark Blue: For light-colored walls, you can choose a piece of art focusing on the dark blue shade. A dark, muted blue can distinguish your workspace, giving it a luxurious look. 
  • Warm White: Are you a minimalist? A little warm white can go a long way, especially against medium-toned walls. It works especially well for a north-facing office space. 
  • Coral and Peach: These playful shades keep your energy levels up throughout the day. Choose a wooden frame accentuated with glamorous gold finishes.
  • Yellow: This bright and stimulating color can liven up even the most uninspiring home office. Yellow-themed wall art can infuse energy and optimism into your space while enhancing creativity. 


Decorating your home office should be mostly about personalization. Tailor your workspace with wall art that inspires you and interests you. You want to select artwork that has meaning to you. 

Consider changing your wall art in the office often. Opt for a rotating gallery to keep things unique and fresh, which promotes hard work and dedication. You can create a gallery wall that consists of lots of small art pieces coupled with your photo prints. Change and rearrange the gallery often to create a big statement with small pieces. 

Some of the most recommended styles are for your personal workspace include:

  • Zen: If you work with the creative industry, you can choose Zen style wall art to add tranquillity to your space. These art pieces are characterized by minimalism, intentional simplicity, and purity of lines. All of these inspire you without cluttering your home office. 
  • Rustic: Lend your work area a sense of ultimate comfort by giving it a rustic touch. Complement the minimalist look with farmhouse-style wall art. Hang it just above the open shelving or on the wall against your desk.  
  • Contemporary Art: A well-curated collection of contemporary wall art pieces reflects innovation. It makes the place more inviting while improves the overall well-being. Various studies conclude that contemporary art is the right emotional and financial investment. 


Do some simple math to determine the size of artwork for your home office. Follow these steps to get a range of measurements for wall art that covers 4/7 to ¾ of your wall:

  • Measure the length/width of your wall space, which refers to the blank area you want to fill. It should consider the area covered by molding, furniture, etc. 
  • Multiply the length by.75 and .57.
  • Multiply the width by.75 and .57. 

Alternatively, the wall art should cover 2/3 to 3/4 of the available wall space. Make sure you do not select something overwhelmingly large. Rather choose something that looks and feels pleasing to the eyes.


When thinking about orientation, consider the shape of the wall. Do you have so much vertical space between two windows? Choose the portrait orientation to lend your space a sense of openness and height. 

Horizontal or landscape orientation is perfect for a yawning blank wall.

Another important consideration when buying wall art for your home office is how high it will hang. Ideally, the center of the wall art should be at eye level, 57-60 inches from the floor.

Final Words

Many online art websites sell wall art suited for all professionals. You can find some good sources, and visit the website and get some inspiration to decorate your walls.

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