How to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Unless you never learned to cook and stay away from your kitchen by habit, you spend hours in there every week. No matter how much you may love cooking and even doing dishes, these tasks feel grueling now and then.

Refreshing your kitchen’s appearance is one way to fight the feeling. Even if you eat nothing but takeout, you can gain equity from a kitchen makeover.

Picking new kitchen cabinet paint colors is one of the cheapest ways to boost the room’s appearance. Take a look at these tips to learn the most important considerations for painting your kitchen.

1. Talk to Someone Who Knows Best

Folks often recommend talking to professional kitchen designers and painters as the last step, but consider starting your journey this way. You can get vital insight and recommendations that guide the process. If you feel like have no idea what you’re doing, you can see more about here painting services that help you secure the kitchen of your dreams.

There’s no shame in consulting an expert: You won’t set your sights on a paint color you’ll regret in the long run with tips about these next factors and help to get the job done at the outset.

2. Match Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors With Complementary Colors

Consider that some cabinet styles look best with particular colors. Minimalist, smooth, and glossy cabinets work well with striking blacks, whites—and bright colors, if you want to push the boundaries of home kitchen design.

Folks often prefer subdued, pastel tones for more traditional cabinets such as Shaker style, antique cabinets, Craftsman style, and more. Some of the most common tones include stained natural wood grain, cream, and beige. That’s not to say that you can’t put bold colors on traditional cabinets, but making that look good may take more effort.  

3. Don’t Forget Accompanying Colors

When painting kitchen cabinets, consider the other things you are or aren’t updating. In most cases, you aren’t painting everything, nor tearing your floors out.

If you consider the cabinets and nothing else, chances are high that you’ll miss the target and end up with an ugly combination. Kitchens attached to dining areas and living rooms come with further considerations. Look at all the areas you can see from the kitchen, including but not limited to the floors, cabinets you’re not painting, and fixtures.

4. Get Outside Opinions

Pro painting crews are an excellent source of input and inspiration for your project. At the end of the day, though, your friendly neighborhood painter won’t be the one spending time in there—not in most cases, anyway.

If you feel insecure, include friends and family in the process. Show them color swatches and see what they’re into. Don’t forget that not everyone has an eye for design, but a range of opinions gives you more possible paths to take.

Be Wowed By Hot Tips and News

These tips on choosing kitchen cabinet paint colors will ensure your next paint job pleases your eye, impresses visitors, and boosts your home’s value.

If you want to be wowed by more useful tips and the latest news, you’re on the right website. Click on another article to learn more information you need to know.

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