How To Choose The Perfect Ring For Your Engagement

Is that the chimes of wedding bells I hear? Well, congratulations! 

After popping the question, there’s often a lot of running around to do.

In between all of that, you still want perfection. 

This article is set to help you achieve that by explaining how to choose the perfect ring for your engagement. 

How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Rings.

Engagement rings are by tradition, breathtaking diamonds, a perfect platinum band, and a round cut diamond, you know something about two carats? Or the budget-friendly lab diamond?

Well, a lot of that is by the way and sounds like something from a fairy tale. In reality, choosing the perfect engagement ring should be about your partner and your budget. 

In the ten steps below, I would walk you through tips to choosing the perfect engagement ring without having to break the bank or run into debt.

  1. Choose Your Shape: there are often different shapes of diamonds. There’s the regular round cut, which is the most expensive. But there are other cuts, Pear or Marquise which are less expensive.
  1. Band Metal: Speak with your partner about what kind of band Metal you would like to go for. There’s yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and even platinum gold or just regular silver too. Either way, this should largely depend on your budget.
  1. Carat Size: Carat size also matters. There are sizes of .50, 1, 1.5, 2 etc. Experts have claimed that it is financially prudent to buy a size of .94 rather than a whole size of 1. No one would know.
  1. Measurements: get your measurement done beforehand. This is always prudent because your partner may want to go solo and might just ask casually. You could also tell the bestie just in case your partner tried to sift it out of them.
  1. Ensure you Buy only Certified Diamonds. To avoid pitiful stories of swindle etc, ensure you buy at certified stores only.
  1. Double-check the quality of the rings you wish to purchase: Even if you or your partner are not knowledgeable about the jewelry, do take someone along with you who is.
  2. Research: Before going ahead to any jewelry store, ensure to do some research and have one or two favorites in mind. Your choice may change in the store, but it’s best to have done a bit of research beforehand.
  1. Negotiate: Here is the main thing. Negotiate like the staff at Goldman Sachs, exactly like a boss. The prices are often tipped way higher than normal prices. Except you own a money tree growing behind your house, you can buy it at the price it’s called. 

Not everyone knows how to negotiate, but for a great start, always cut the price down by at least forty percent.

  1. Ensure the Engagement Rings match your intended Wedding Rings: Either contrast or striking similarities, you may just want to discuss with your spouse.


Engagement rings are often a major part of the entire ceremony, but then you should be careful not to go overboard as there are many other costs and of course, life after the wedding. Have fun shopping!

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