How to choose socks for your child?

Children are our most precious treasures. As parents, we are constantly worried about everything about our children. I’m sure there are many parents who have struggled with the skin that is often exposed between their children’s pant legs and socks. In summer, this phenomenon is fine. But if it happens in winter, how cold should it be? At this time, socks become very important. How should we choose the right socks for our children in winter? Next I am going to introduce you to nine different types of children’s socks.

Long stockings

Long stockings are suitable for spring, autumn and winter and are very practical. Don’t think that stockings are exclusive to girls, but boys can actually wear stockings too! In general, Long stockings can help boys with shorts and girls with skirts. It looks good and keeps warm! When children are in PE classes, they usually only have the choice of shorts or padded long pants school uniforms, which are either cold or hot. Long stockings are perfect for this time of year. Note: Try to buy Long stockings with a heel when shopping, not straight socks without a heel. Because straight socks can easily fall off. Sometimes you buy straight socks so that it can be worn for a long time. But for children with small legs, straight socks without a heel are not a good choice.

Mid-calf socks

Mid-calf socks reach the middle of the calf and are ideal for matching with leggings. Of course, long stockings can also be worn with pants. But under normal circumstances, the length of long stockings will be longer than the knee, so wearing it with pants can appear uneven. Mid-calf socks are the best choice to match with pants. In spring and autumn, you can use mid-calf socks to match seven-part pants. When shopping, you need to carefully check the seller’s description of the product. Usually, I recommend that you can buy products that appear on the description of the words “no strangulation, no pilling”.This means that the seller pays more attention to wearing details and the quality is relatively guaranteed.

Terry socks

Terry socks are the best socks for keeping warm indoors, and they are also suitable for children to wear when they sleep in winter. Adults will choose coral fleece warm socks, but this is not suitable for children who sleep restlessly. Coral fleece socks are prone to slackening and falling off. Terry socks are relatively tightly wrapped and comfortable and warm. The biggest drawback about terry socks is that they are not suitable for outside wear because they generally fall down when worn outside.


Pantyhose are both fashionable and warm. So in winter, we can wear them as pants. This rule of dressing also applies to children. It can be used not only with shorts, but also with thicker wide-legged pants to ensure that no skin is exposed. When buying, try not to buy pantyhose that are too tight at the crotch. It is difficult to wear. For children, it is best not to choose those made of wool. They will feel that they will be more tied. It is also best not to buy padded models, because the hosiery will be too tight and uncomfortable.

Bottoming leggings

Bottom leggings are a great tool for fall and winter, and can be worn as pants. In addition, it can be paired with a long top, which is an easy way to move around. However, when buying, pay attention to the rubber band at the waist and check the description page of the product carefully. If you buy a product that slips easily it will not play a role in facilitating movement, such as touching a smooth little ass to her back. This is too embarrassing.

Big Butt Pantyhose

These socks are great for children who wear onesies to keep them warm and not bulky in winter. In addition, its biggest advantage is that when changing diapers. It is easy to change diapers because of the good elasticity to be able to hold up more without having to take them off completely. When buying, pay attention to whether it is really a big fart leggings, whether it is enough to wrap the diaper. not enough to wrap the diaper, pull up will be very hard, but also easy to fall off, be sure to read the product description.

Knee pads learn to crawl socks cover

These are similar to knee pads. It can play a certain role in keeping warm indoors, while protecting children who are learning to crawl. This sock cover is suitable for the period of temperature change. Keeps the child warm while making diaper changes easy and convenient for the child to move around. It is recommended to wear knee pads alone to learn to crawl, so it is not possible to wear them indoors where it is too cold. If you have to wear a layer of pants inside, be careful of static electricity.

Dotted rubber non-slip socks

Many children do not want to wear slippers at home and love to go barefoot in the summer. There are benefits to walking barefoot. It can promote the child’s sensory integration. But it’s hard to walk barefoot in the winter without heat, which is really cold. In the warm weather, we can prepare a pair of dotted rubber non-slip socks for children. Be careful when buying: too many non-slip points of these socks are not good, because the friction is too great. This is more likely to allow the child to fall (but can be taken to the trampoline hall to wear). In addition, it is difficult for older children to find suitable dotted rubber non-slip socks. Because the major brands assume that you should be wearing shoes at home when you are older. But there are still a lot of children over the age of three who like to run around indoors in their socks.

Ordinary cotton socks

The last recommendation is the most common cotton socks, which are the most needed basic models. In daily wear, you should pay special attention to whether the sock stitching is delicate and whether the closure is too tight or too loose. I found several purchases, shallow socks are not suitable for children. Shallow mouth of the boat socks may fall to the sole of the foot, may be positioned to wear to the heel. It is not recommended to buy boat socks for children, and it is better to buy socks with a heel. It is advisable to buy more socks for your child or to buy more categories to have some more. Sometimes some styles can help you find a balance of warmth, comfort and good looks for your child on days when the weather is not cold or hot. If you have a need for wholesale kids clothing, then check out Prettykid. At Prettykid, you can find what you need.

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