How to Choose and Style a Corset?

Corsets are pressuring to wear if you have never worn one before. Most folks also assumed it was too sensual and not fit for all occasions. However, knowing the basics of how to style corsets is a game-changer. 

Wearing a corset will bring out your best body shape, but you better choose items to pair with it that will suit your style and aesthetic. 

Choosing the Right Corsets for Your Body Type 

Here are a few things to study before eyeing the best corsets in the market:

Corsets come in different colours. Select an item that best enhances your skin colour. You can go for neutral tones to easily match the corsets with a broader range of outfits. At the same time, brighter hues are ideal when you wear these at night. 

Corsets help to alleviate your curves. Sellers provide a size chart, but it can be complex to decide your first time.  

First, you should measure three areas –bust, waist, and hips. Such undergarment is ideal even for less busty and straighter body types. That being said, knowing the measurements is essential to meet your needs. 

Manufacturers use different fabrics to create corsets. The most popular are metallic corsets which are best to pair with denim pants. Even the smallest details, like ruffles, straps, and shiny objects, can add up to your style.  

Pick a corseted top that is handy to wear. Thinking of a good pair of an outfit is time-consuming so buying a flexible item is crucial.  

Best Ways to Style Corsets  

Corsets are so easy to style. So here are some notions on how you can wear corsets with different outfits inspired by celebrities. 

  • Corset Tops and Baggy Jeans 

Models show off an aesthetic look with loose pants and corset tops. These pairs of outfits attest that corsets are a stand-alone fashion piece. It is concluded with sneakers, a huge belt, and sunglasses. 

  • Corset Tops and Dresses 

Corset tops are also best for formal events. Celebrities walk on the red carpet wearing silk corseted dresses. It looks very stunning and is furnished with sparkling jewellery. 

  • Corset Tops and Leather Jeans 

A very famous actress stirred the ‘90s fashion trend with leather pants and a corset top. It echoes a strong vibe and is very simple. You can complete the look with pointed heels and a diamond necklace. 

Corsets can also pull off a classic vibe when matched with a skirt. If the outfits during the Paris Fashion Week inspired you, try to style a lace corset top with a pink mini skirt. If you are a traditionalistic type of person, then you can opt for longer skirts. 

It could also be vice-versa with a corseted skirt and an oversized top. It is more of showing a vintage vibe that is also trendy right now. 

  • Corset Tops and Jackets 

A famous model chose to layer a jacket over a corseted top. This look balances low-waisted pants and cropped corsets, which are ideal for winter. It also has a sporty sense. 


To summarise, styling corsets is not that hard. There are lots of influences online that you can copy. Even so, finding the right fit and colour of your choice is necessary. It would help if you also considered your body type in choosing a corseted top. 

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Last modified: November 3, 2021

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