How To Benefit From The Pet Care Services For Your Furry Friends

According to Forbes, in 2018, Americans spent 72 billion dollars on their pets. Irrespective of personal economic, financial problems, the pet industry continues to thrive, with many pet parents prioritizing the happiness and health of their pets ahead of their own. With the Covid-19 crisis, tremendous challenges and opportunities were presented to the pet care industry. While the demand for dog walking has crashed rapidly because of the unprecedented crisis, the demand for grooming and training remains strong. Furthermore, if we examine the industry trends and projections, the pet sitting services, pet business will continue to increase unabated in the future. While the projections are optimistic for the future, various factors should be taken into account before choosing personal pet care services.

What to look for in a pet sitting service? 

It is of prime importance to learn all you can about potential pet sitter’s eligibility and services. Before selecting a service, interview the candidate over the phone, virtually or at your home. For reference, you can ask the following questions: 

  • a)What training and pet education have been sought by the pet sitter?
  • b)Will the pet sitting service proceed forward according to your pet’s requirements, such as his likes, dislikes, habits, medications, and routine?
  • c)Will the pet sitting service provide you with a written service contract stating the services, policies and fees?
  • d) How will the service make sure that you have returned back home?
  • e) Will the service provide you with contact details of clients who agree to help as references? 

Additionally, you can inquire regarding the commercial liability insurance( aid that covers accidents and negligence) of the service provider and whether it is bonded to protect the pet owner against theft and damages caused by their employees. 

Credibility and assurance 

Choosing a pet sitter can take a little more exertion than dialling a random number that you see in your local newspaper. Various pet care experts recommend the following guidelines when selecting a pet sitting service: 

  • Examine the references of the company closely
  • Confirm the sitter has undergone a criminal background check and carries the required documents along with an identification card. 
  • Pre- interview the sitter in the presence of your pet to observe their interactions and establish a comfort between the pet sitter and your pet. 
  • Ensure that the service provider offers seven days per week telephone and email availability. 
  • Examine whether the company has potential backup measures if the sitter encounters an emergency that prevents them from completing the assigned duty. 

Pet care in a post-pandemic scenario is an example of how quickly humankind adapts to changes. To what extent these changes will be with us is a grey area. Professional services as varied as pet care have to embrace digital transitions to thrive in a changing world. Likewise, the consumers had to adapt and change their expectations for how the services are received. The service providers and consumers require flexibility and acceptance to proceed in harmony, without friction for the pet’s welfare. 

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