How to Attract Insects Into Your Garden

Insects are hugely beneficial to any garden. They can help to pollinate flowers, kill bugs, and help our ecosystem to thrive. If this is something that you like the sound of you should read on. So how can you attract insects to your garden? This article looks at exactly how:

Lawns Are Ideal

While we are all encouraged to plant a range of flowers, lawns can be a great help too. Many wildflower meadows are surrounded by lawns. However, manicured lawns or short areas of grass aren’t always ideal. This is because they don’t encourage wild flowers to grow.

If you were to leave your lawn to grow, you will start to see more plants growing. Your lawn does not have to be very tall, just a little taller than usual to encourage a range of plants and flowers to grow. If you’re concerned that the front of your home will look untidy, keep that area mowed. You can always allow the grass in your back yard to grow a little longer so that insects are attracted to it.

Plant Native, Wild Flowers

One of the very best things you can do is to plant native, wild flowers. Learn what flowers grow easily in your local area. A garden center near you is likely to stock them. These native, wild flowers can attract a wide range of insects to your garden.

A lot of native, wild flowers are very pretty. So, not only will you be attracting insects, but you’ll have a pleasant-looking garden.

If you don’t want all of your garden to be taken up by these flowers, dedicate a portion of it. As long as there is at least a meter square of wild flowers, insects will love your garden. This is because flowers such as these contain nectar and pollen. Native bees, butterflies, ants, and more will be attracted to them. This is great for biodiversity and our ecosystem.

Give Insects a Home

Every insect needs a place to live. Your yard can be a home to one or more insects if you let it. Shady areas can attract insects. Make sure some of your garden is shady so that they can shelter safely. A yard that is quite a lot like a woodland, or at least a section of your yard, can attract an abundance of insects.

Some places even sell insect homes. However, you don’t always need to buy an insect home to encourage them to live there. Scrap wood along with some packing materials can make an excellent home. While you’re there, consider leaving some water out so the insects have something to drink. Just be sure that you replace the water at least once a week. This can ensure that mosquitoes are unlikely to lay their eggs in it.

It’s relatively easy to attract insects into your garden. Use the above tips to help you do just that. You can increase your garden’s biodiversity and encourage insects to look after our planet.

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Last modified: November 1, 2021

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