The ’70s were known for their crazy hairstyles, disco, and fashion, of course. It was a paradise to be in the ’70s with bell bottoms and shiny short skirts all around. Chloe Australia has a range of modern 70’s fashion outfits, slippers, and bags that are sure to inspire every individual. 

Here are some trends from the ’70s that have recently risen to the top once again.

Minimalistic short bags: 

It is only recently that these bags have become trendy again. Most people moved over to sling bags or bigger handbags with a concrete shape and size. These bags were very carefully shaped to fit the art perfectly. They came in muted and quirky shades both and were just enough to carry only the essentials. They do not hang too low from the arm and stay put where placed, giving it a very tight-fitting with the shoulder. This was fashionable and handy as well. Many models like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been seen wearing 70’s styled bags recently. 

Midi skirts and long dresses:

The ’70s was the time to experiment. It had a little modesty attached to fashion while also exposing skin with elegance. Midi skirts were a little more than a mini skirt and came in checkered patterns or polka dots in different colours with slits on the sides. The longer skirts were made out of thin flowy material, which was mostly meshed or net cloth. 

Dresses came in solids or heavy material with embroidery or lightly patterned options. They extended below the knees but above the ankles. These dresses had deep neck cuts, which were worn in combination with solid coloured innerwear for modesty. 

Sweaters and cardigans: 

These were some of the most preferred fashion styles in these times. It was fit for the cold and modesty both. They were worn in combination with midi skirts or flared pants that gave them a trendy look. Same way, over the top t-shirts or oversized tops were worn to give it a puffy look. These were either wool or fleece for a richer feel and were super comfortable to wear too.


Most women in the ’70s preferred airy footwear to dresses and skirts. It gave a very homely look. Jeans and bell-bottoms had sneakers for a sporty vibe. All the other kinds of clothing could be worn in combination with sandals or boots. These boots were available in many trendy variations at the time. 

The sandals had flares or stones on them available in earth tones usually. They exposed most of the feet while putting together the whole look. One can easily find high cut boots in Chloe Australia with a range of sneakers and slides too. 


Most of the partywear had shiny and over the top designs. They were nothing short of bold, and there was a hint of experimentation with every dress ever. Men usually wore shirts with the neck opened till deep down. 

Women wore long sleek gowns or puffy short dresses with princess sleeves or mesh. The bold eyewear started in this era with different designs for every individual. They were quirky, new, and elegant for every occasion.


Women had centre-parted hair, sleek and straight, and men went with curly overgrown hair almost like an afro. Women with short hair preferred a slight curl at the bottom or setting up their bangs in an extensively curled manner. The bottom line for all of this was having a very noticeable and in-your-face kind of hairstyle.

These were some of the preferred styles in the ’70s, but it was a very explorative period with a multitude of fashion aspects. These styles are reappearing in fashion now and are an amazing chance to witness in the fashion industry.

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Last modified: July 19, 2021

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