How Smart Agriculture Platform helps you recognize your farming risks efficiently?

Farming in India is one of the prominent practices, and most of the population indulge in it. Looking at the statistics, we get to understand that it is not only the largest sector of India but also has the lowest growth in many years. This is the brutal truth of our country. However, the scenarios have been changing in the past few years due to the technological invasion in the farming sector. The involvement of the Internet of Things in farming activities has given rise to better measures and control of growth factors. It has changed how one views agriculture entirely. 

With an immensely increasing population, food consumption also has proliferated. But it is not easy to increase production at once. The lack of fertile land for cultivation and resources for maintaining the crop produce stands as a massive obstruction in between. As a result, the Smart Agriculture Platform has come into the picture.  

How is technology helping the farming sector to grow better and rapidly?

This might be the most frequent question that crosses everyone’s mind. The answer is quite simple- Smart Agriculture Platform. These platforms are specially designed for quick and effective analysis in agriculture. They are also known as precision platforms. They are equipped with innovative technology that helps farmers to detect and analyze the risk factors of the farming land. It reduces the chances of crop damage and makes farmers less dependent on the atmospheric change. It provides a complete report of the fertilizers to be used, what is the right time for a crop to be sowed, when and where which crop is more suitable, all this information in a simple and straightforward manner.

By providing the benefits of technical advancements, innovative agriculture softwares reduces the workload of farm owners. 

Smart Agriculture Platform offers the following benefits:

  • Reliable data collection from your devices and monitors to facilitate crop growth, humidity, temperature, etc. 
  • It has advanced data visualization for real-time monitoring of farms. It can also be used for future use. 
  • The end-user boards are customizable to share the results and reports.
  • These solutions are integrated with third-party solutions to emanate better quality analytics and machine learning. 

Why do we Smart Agriculture Platform?

Smart Agriculture Platform is an emerging concept that uses modern information and communication technologies to enhance and elevate the quality and quantity of products while optimally using the human labor required. A rapid escalation in production and crop cultivation is not an easy task. That is why an intelligent agriculture solution was invented to integrate the latest technologies into already existing farming activities. It also boosts the efficacy and quality of the crops produced. It has helped farmers a lot as it automates data collection and further detailed information to provide the operator with accurate information. 

Today, technology has now become the basic need of the farming sector. India is rich in the production of a variety of crops and fruits. This diversification of different crops in the same land somehow degrades the fertility of the soil. And due to the increasing population, there is not much space left for farming in the country. With such uncertain situations, the need of an hour has desperately demanded technological help. 

An intelligent platform ensures a better and advanced approach towards agriculture. It analyzes the weather conditions and soil to guide farmers with an effective solution. With the ever-increasing world population, even the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisations have concluded that it is the technology that can drive agriculture to meet the speed of the economy. The high-precision automated intelligent farming solution gives farmers the privilege to bank upon valuable data for the farm’s benefits.

The world is now driven by technology. Right from the basic necessities to the luxuries, everything is monitored by technological advancements in one way or the other. It has given rise to many new requirements that will keep up things according to the pace of today’s fast-moving world. Agriculture, being a core part of the economy, is also stricken by the technical improvements in the form of Smart Agriculture Platform. The intelligent farming solution does not serve anyone’s purpose. Instead, it gives farming activities a new scope regarding environmental issues, financial aspects, and sustainability. 

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Last modified: May 13, 2021

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