How Restaurants Can Use Qr Codes

QR Codes have been in existence for a very long time now. However, their use for limited because many were of the opinion that the tool was unattractive and clumsy. Times have changed, and this has made many people change their perception of QR codes. This was enhanced by the coronavirus pandemic that is currently facing the world. The QR code technology has now been accepted by restaurants in different parts of the world. It is an effective touchless solution that allows easy menu viewing. The only drawback to this is that the restaurant building will be used less frequently. 

QR codes can be linked-to URLs, and this enhances the easy connection between customers and restaurant owners. This connection can be achieved in many ways. Most restaurants are now shifting to online payments and online ordering, and QR code is the most convenient way for these restaurants to these restaurants to bridge the gap between newer digital marketing techniques and the conventional methods that involved the use of print materials. 

There are many ways a restaurant can embrace QR codes, and we have broken these ways for you in this article. What’s certain is that the QR codes will transform your marketing and grow your business significantly. 

Here are the ways a restaurant can utilize the QR codes technology:


With QR codes, restaurants can send customers directly to an online version of their menu. This will give them constant access to the menu right from their mobile devices, and irrespective of where they are. This implies that they can view the menu that their convenience. As a restaurant owner, it means that you can easily make changes to your menu without having to print new materials. Another amazing thing is that QR codes are easy to design. 


Does your restaurant already have a website? This is a nice linking option to use. Customers can quickly learn about your style, values, and food through your website. A website is a great way to improve your restaurant’s branding and increase your association with your customers. 

You can use QR codes to enhance linking to your website or your online ordering system. With this, customers can place orders on the food your sell. It makes it a lot easier for your customers to reach you without actually coming all the way to your restaurant. 


Reviews help to show customers the experience of other customers who have used your service and are happy with it. You can create a QR code that links a directive to a feedback page or review. Place the code on a table so that customers can easily see it. The link can be a feedback form or any online review site. However, the ideal option will be to use a feedback form, especially if you want to know the areas that need improvement in your service delivery.

Online review is an ideal way to build your credibility, especially if you are in a community where you are easily seen in online search results. In recent times, people now search online for businesses, and the best way for potential customers to know you are what they are looking for is by providing reviews for them to read. 

Social Media

You can link your QR code to your Instagram or Facebook page or any other social media platform. The good thing about QR codes is that all the steps customers would normally take to follow you are completely erased. With these codes, you can quickly improve your social media presence, which is perfect for your restaurant. 


Do you want to show your customers behind-the-scenes of how the dishes are made? You can also use this as an avenue to teach them how to make different delicacies. You can also use videos to announce new menu items or products. The bottom line is that videos are a great way for you to engage with your customers and keep them up to date with your restaurant’s activities.

You can use QR codes to get them connected to your videos with ease. 


You can place QR codes on different marketing materials, including printed menus. The aim is to use the codes to link them to beautiful pictures of your food. With this, you can give your customers a sneak peek of what they are likely to get when they use your services. What’s certain is that this will get your customers excited, and they will want to order what they see in the photos. However, you will need to ensure that the photos you use are enticing enough.


You can also include QR codes that link your deals on packaged products or receipts. That will give customers discounts when they purchase in future. They will be excited to patronize you again when they know they will get a reward for doing so. You can also include QR codes on posters, flyers, menus, and more to offer your potential customers a deal for each time they use your service. 

There are so many other potential ways to use QR codes, and it is not limited to the methods mentioned above. However, using these methods will undoubtedly take your business to the next level and place you above your competition. What are you waiting for? Create a QR code for your business now. 

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Last modified: March 14, 2021

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