How Much Does It Cost to Create an App?

However, remember that the price of your application depends on many factors. For example, developing an Android mobile application is not like building an iOS application. There are many decisions you will have to make during the development process, which will have a direct impact on the final price of the app.

Since we want to help you make the best decision, let’s look at some of the key factors. Keep reading! 👇

Factors that affect the price of an app

There are many factors to consider when calculating how much it costs to make an app. Here are some general ones:

  • Time. according to the deadlines we have the cost could increase. If we need the app before a fixed deadline and the developer works overtime the price will go up. If, on the other hand, you are more flexible and are not in a hurry, you can agree on the delivery date and the development cost will be lower.
  • Quality. The more details the app has, the more development work will be needed. The drawing will turn out exactly as required but logically the cost will go up if this took a lot of effort.
  • Functionality. Or in other words, what your app does. Some examples are registration (it is not the same to log in with an email or a password, as logging in with a social network such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn …); or a messaging service (chat in real time, send simple messages or send multimedia content may involve different costs).
  • Launch costs. If your application has a B2C model (i.e. it is not an internal application) you will need to make sure that your users find it. This usually involves an initial marketing investment to give visibility to the application and to position it well in app stores using ASO techniques. While this point is not directly related to application development, it is essential that you take it into account.
  • Additional costs. Did you know that there is a cost to uploading an app to the app store? In the case of the Play Store it is a one-time payment, while in the iOS App Store it is an annual payment. You have to pay to register as a developer and upload your application.
  • Maintenance. Your application cannot be frozen in time. Mobile technology is advancing very quickly with new devices, screen sizes, hardware features … To make sure your application is still up to date, and to fix any glitches that may appear, you will need to continue to collaborate with a development team. You can do this by purchasing a package of hours dedicated to maintenance.

How much does an app cost base on the type of development?

There are three options for developing your app, and they all cost differently. There are three main types of applications.

  • Web App. These applications are used through a web browser and therefore work on different devices. The user does not need to download them to use them. Their development is usually faster and cheaper, although, as a disadvantage, it can have limitations in accessing the mobile phone hardware (such as the camera or GPS).
  • Native app. A native application is specially developed for an operating system (Android, iOS, Windows …). Being custom made, it usually works best. As a disadvantage, if you want the application to work in different operating systems you will need to develop it for each of them. This will increase the necessary budget.
  • Cross-platform app. These applications have a single code that adapts to different operating systems. With the same development process, for example, you would have an application that works on both iOS and Android. They also tend to be less expensive than native applications, but as a drawback they are slower and have limited access to the device hardware.

As you can see, the type of development has a big influence on the final price of your app. There is no right choice, each of these three options has its advantages and disadvantages.

For example, a cross-platform app can be a good option if your application is aimed at a limited number of users, such as in the case of an internal application. However, if you are targeting a large audience, it would be better to opt for a native app, albeit a more expensive one.

How much does it cost to develop an app based on the operating system

When evaluating the development of an app to improve your business you must keep in mind that there are different operating systems and evaluate if you want it to be used on a particular device or on several.

It is not the same thing to create an application for Android and one for iOS or Windows Phone. They will have a different cost. The price will also change in case you want the application to adapt to different devices. We can advise you in the best way so that you can make the best decision also based on your budget.

When making the decision to create an application for your business, keep in mind that the best thing is that it fits any operating system. Eventually the expense will be slightly higher, but this will save you on future costs.

For example, if you decide to develop an application only for iOS, when you want to create the version for Android its cost will be higher than the decision to develop the two together.

How much does a developer ask to build an app depending on the operating system? You must know that developing a native application for iOS does not cost the same as developing a native application for Android. IOS developers cost more per hour than Android developers. Either way, the price will increase if you contract through a development company instead of hiring freelance developers.

How long does it take to create an app?

Creating an application is not a one-week thing. First you need to choose the type of development, technology and type of app. Once this is defined, we will move on to the design phase, where the wireframes and mockups will be designed. After that, all of this material will go to an experienced developer who will start programming the application, but you will still have the testing and bug fixing phase ahead of you!

Each application needs a time to build and, although it depends a lot on its complexity, on average a development process takes around 18 weeks.

If you have a deadline and need your product ready by a certain date, it is essential that you share it with your development team and that you prepare a work schedule, with all phases of the project organized to reach that moment. This way you can make sure that the project is progressing well step by step.

Is offering your free app an option?

This is an issue that usually worries companies that want to launch an app. For this it is necessary to carry out a competition survey and see what comes out.

If you create a tool similar to others that are free it is not advisable to charge for the application download. A free app can open many doors and monetize with advertising. Look for ads that are of interest to your target audience.

Finally, if you decide to set a price, you must justify it in the description of the store where the application is published. Users need to know what differentiates this app from those of the competition.

Advantages of developing an app for your business

The reasons can be very different, but you may have considered one of the following:

  • In your company, internal management is carried out with different tools or perhaps even on paper. One could think of an app that can coordinate the activity in a simple and centralized way.
  • If your customers need to ask for an appointment, an app is a good solution. It will make your work easier and save you time, since you do not need to manage phone calls.
  • The third good reason for developing an app could be simply to add value to your business and pass it on to customers.

Can an app be the solution to a problem?

Yes. Applications have been in the spotlight for some years now. Almost everyone has a smartphone. Apps are a very direct communication channel between companies and potential customers. Their popularity must be taken advantage of.

How do I know if my business needs an app?

For your business to be a success, remember that you must first identify the problems. You will then realize that an app could be a great way to find a solution.

Regardless of the cost of the application, a competition study must be carried out. See, for example, if others are using apps for different services that you are still managing offline.

There are currently many management apps that can be customized to improve your business. This analysis phase will help you to better define any project and in this way the estimate for the development of the app will be more realistic.

Depending on the problem, you will choose one solution or another. These are some of those solutions that could serve you as an example and that we find in an article of the Deeply blog .

Slow document handling Management apps Manage documents
Unfinished purchases and short visits from mobile devices M-commerce app Increase mobile sales
Inefficient organization of shifts and holidays Internal communication More effective organization
Internal communications slow and through various channels Instant Messenger Centralized and homogeneous communication
Few customers make a second purchase User loyalty Get repeat customers
Slow issuing of customer invoices Complementary customer service Automatic sending of invoices to customers
The brand is not perceived as modern or innovative Branding App Improve the brand image, more innovative and mobile
Need for continuous training of workers Internal training app Short courses through the creation of apps to update workers
Another problem identified Advice to find a tailor-made solution Create a bespoke mobile app or project

Options to develop my app

Is it a little clearer to you how much your application can cost and what kind of development is best for you? If so, maybe you are preparing for the next step: starting your app project.

While there are some application building tools that are free and intuitive, the truth is that the results aren’t quite professional, despite the fact that they can help you make a first prototype.

If you are determined about your mobile application project and want to make the most of your time and budget, it’s best to rely on professionals. We offer three options, although first it’s important that you understand the different professionals involved in building an app.

We’ve told you a lot about the importance of having a good developer, but this is by no means the only technical profile involved in developing an application.

Before getting to the development stage, the app passes into the hands of a design team that takes care of the visual aspect of the application. Their work goes far beyond the graphics aspect of the application. They also make sure that usability (UX) and user interface (UI) ensure smooth interaction with the final application. You can find highly skilled professionals in these two areas.

This project will be delivered to a development team, so don’t think that the same developer can create any kind of application! Each programming language or type of development is a world unto itself. Therefore, look for a developer with technical skills in the type of app you are going to create.

Finally, as we said before, if your application is B2C you should have a plan to get your users to download your application. For this you can use the support of a marketing team, which includes experts in ASO, SEO, and advertising campaigns.

Where can you find these profiles? We offer you three alternatives which, as you can imagine, require very different budgets.

Option 1: Freelancer

This option may be appropriate if your app project isn’t large. It is possible to hire freelancers on some platforms. Remember to check out the latest reviews from their customers.

An app developed by a freelancer can be less expensive, although this option has many drawbacks. On the one hand, there is a lot of competition on these developer hiring platforms. The economic proposals tend to lower to be more attractive, and this sometimes decreases the final quality of the application.

Also, if you are planning to hire several professionals, how will you coordinate them? Do you know if they will be able to collaborate with each other? Will you be able to take on the management of several independent freelancers? If you are unsure, don’t worry, you have two other options.

Option 2: App Development Firm

This type of partner is specialized in the technological product that you want to create and, therefore, will normally have all the necessary profiles. While relying on an application development company or agency is more expensive than working with a freelancer, it has several advantages.

On the one hand, you work with a single partner, which will be more convenient and will allow you to have more time to monitor the evolution of the project and focus on the next steps. Also, it may be easier for you to assure yourself of their experience (ask them for examples of applications they have developed!)

As a disadvantage, this type of company usually has a high cost and is not very flexible, so any unforeseen events or improvements during the development process can be very costly.

Option 3: Marketplace

A technology marketplace is a platform where you can rely on one (or more) technology teams to develop your project.  You publish your project, providing as much detail as possible.

  • The platform connects you to the right team, based on your needs, deadlines and budget.
  • The team contacts you and sends you an economic proposal. If all goes well, you can start working! If not, you can request a quote from another team through the platform.

The advantage of working App development and publishing companies is that you don’t have to waste time getting to know the team: all our professionals have passed a rigorous certification process and our algorithm ensures they are up to your needs.

When we talk about certified professionals, we refer to the best experts in the world. The steps of our process consist of an interview, a reference check, verification of technical skills etc. Only 1% of the applications we receive are approved.

Furthermore, it is a fundamental process for earning our teams’ trust. When we start working with them, we increase the number of projects and responsibilities as they show us their competence.

Through these service providers it is possible to work with professionals of any discipline through a single intermediary. The variety and relocation of our talents helps us to always offer you a budget that suits you.

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