How Much Does an AR 15 Weigh?

The dynamics of the American Rifle (AR) 15 find a lot of controversies, probably because of the attributed misinformation. In particular, the weight of the AR 15 has been an issue of great contention for a long time now since its invention. However, a collection of first-hand pieces of data concerning this semi-automatic war machine has presented some pieces of reliable data concerning its weight.

An average American Rifle 15 will weigh between 6 and 7 pounds. In particular, there will be a small variance that significantly depends on the type and number of accessories you will add to the rifle. Other elements that contribute to this variance include how certain materials like the rail and handguard are constructed and the length of the barrel.

It will not be out of the obvious to bump into an American Rifle 15 weighing even less than 5.5 pounds while others will have an excess of 9 pounds. Ask anyone experienced in dealing with riffles and they will concur that the intended purpose of the machine and the nature of the materials used in its manufacturing process will dictate its weight.

Here’s a summary of how different AR-15s weigh.

Weight of the The Competition AR-15

This is the lowest-weight version of the AR-15 that is designed for competition. They are designed to avail you with optimal flexibility as you run around. The Lead Star Arms could be the best example of a competition AR-15 rifle which weighs about 3.5 pounds when empty.

Middleweight AR-15s

Most of the AR-15 used by many Americans tend to fall in this category. Most of the middleweight AR-15 rifles will weigh between 6 and 7 pounds. The manufacturers created them with the aim of getting guns in the hands of as many Americans as possible.

Heavyweight AR 15 Rifles

Heavyweight AR-15 rifles weigh more than the above-stated averages (3 pounds to 7 pounds). Some of the heavyweight items will come with a fixed stock, a 20-inch barrel, and with weights of up to 8.7 pounds. They are designed for long-distance shots. 

The heavyweight AR-15s present with heavy barrels with the ability to hold a bipod. Their overall heavyweights make them very effective at soaking up the recoil, particularly when dealing with the light hitting 5.56/0.223 cartridges. This is the best rifle for you if you are going on a mission that requires long-distance focusing.

Why Should You Be Concerned with the Weight of your AR-15?

Yes, the weight of your AR-15 must be on the top of the list when shopping for this line of weaponry. The weight will help you gauge your ability to use the rifle and decide whether the AR-15 you want to spend your hard-earned cash on meets the designated task. 

You want something that will present you with the best results. It is common knowledge that heavier rifles tend to manage recoils better than their lightweight counterparts. Therefore, depending on your mission goal and your shooting experience, most of the light AR-15s may not offer the best results.

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