How Long Does an AC Unit Last? A Guide for Homeowners

As temperatures increase and you hear the click of your thermostat turning on your air conditioning unit, your mind will turn to one question: how long does an ac unit last? 

The answer to this question depends on several factors. Keep reading to learn the basics of the lifespan of an AC unit. 

How Long Does an AC Unit Last? 

Air conditioning systems can last up to 30 years. Typically, though, a central air conditioner system will last between 12 and 15 years. 

Your home AC unit will last longer when you maintain it. So schedule annual inspections purposefully. 

You also want to make sure your AC has the proper capacity. An AC too big for its space will cycle on and off more, causing more wear and tear. An AC too small for space will run constantly, affecting the lifespan of an AC unit.

Environment Matters

Where you live plays a part in how long your AC will last. Those individuals who live in an extreme climate where they must run their AC on a daily basis will need to replace their air conditioner much sooner. 

Individuals who live in a salty climate must also deal with the corrosion that salty air causes. Thus air conditioners running in coastal areas have a shorter life span. 

If you live in a temperate climate where you open your windows before flipping on your AC to cool down the house, you’ll see your air conditioner lasting in the higher bracket of up to 30 years.  

Signs That Should Concern You

If you’re wondering how much longer your AC has, be concerned if your air conditioner qualifies under one of these conditions. 

1. Your AC Turned Ten

If you keep your AC well-maintained and regularly tuned up, you’ll milk it for all that it’s worth. But still, it will eventually break down.

A decade with an AC is like saying your vehicle has turned over 100,000 miles. It will soon begin to show its wear, and you should consider replacing it. If you cannot replace it, at least have it serviced annually. 

2. Your AC Requires Freon

If your AC uses freon, it’s on its last leg just because it’s difficult to find this refrigerant. Since 1992, the government has been phasing out freon, technically known as HCFC-22, because of its environmental effects. You will eventually have difficulty finding a technician who can refill your unit with freon. 

If you have an old AC that’s still running, you should consider replacing it before your technician says he can no longer help you. An energy-efficient AC will reduce your energy consumption by as much as forty percent. 

3. Your Motor Keeps Breaking Down

If your AC is constantly breaking down, be it a small or large repair, then you need to consider replacing it. The small repair costs will add up quickly to become more than the cost of a new air conditioner.  

4. The Neighbors Can Hear Your Motor

All AC units make some noise. However, if your noises turn from a hum to a grind, clunk, or squeal, your unit is on its last leg. Call in a repairman, and in the meantime, start shopping for a new air conditioner. 

Stay Calm, Stay Cool

So, how long does an AC unit last? Keep your maintained, and it will last much longer. And if you need a replacement, know that you will save money with a more eco-friendly unit. 

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