How Jewelry Stores Can Benefit From Call Center Integrations

With traditional customer service channels backed up by current events and an influx of digital requests and online orders, it’s no surprise that many jewelry stores are struggling to keep up with capacity increases. Both independent and chain jewelers are in a high-value market that often gravitates towards in-house customer service solutions and resolutions.

While this personalizes service, some standalone stores might not have the workforce or technological equipment that a global jeweler might. As a result, these jewelry stores need to find call center solutions that can improve customer service, boost relationships, and smooth out the customer journey. Here’s what you need to know.

A contact center can help you explain complex concepts.

With high-value purchases like natural diamonds, diamond earrings, and engagement rings, it’s unreasonable for the customer to have numerous questions. Without call center software, it’s much harder to explain the intricacies of certain jewel types, address customer questions, and handle live chat requests through different service channels. Take, for instance, the booming synthetic diamonds market. Synthetic diamonds, also known as human-made diamonds, are almost identical in quality to real diamonds. Still, they don’t have the ethical concerns of mined diamond products, and they’re also much more affordable. However, an uninformed customer might not know much about this option at all.

If you’re selling man made diamonds earrings, it’s not unreasonable to expect a few customer interactions asking about the clarity, carat, quality, and the jewel’s appearance to the naked eye. Many customers might even be wary of the lower price of a lab diamond and wonder whether its physical properties are lesser than natural diamonds. As such, it’s important to empower your support team to handle these inquiries, whether this is through phone support, inbound calls, outbound calls, or chat platforms. It empowers both the consumer and the support team equally.

Call center software opens up more channels.

When you’re focused on the customer experience, it’s no longer enough to offer a phone number and call it a day. While that phone number may be many customers’ preferred point of contact, other customers still depend on email, social media, and other communication channels. Plus, with modern call center software, you can focus on helpful integrations and additional features such as call recording, AI connectivity, support ticket queues, and other tools, including interactive voice response (IVR). While many diamond jewelry shops often think that in-house support is enough, it could cause you to miss out on prospective sales, customers, or even sponsorships that could help you expand your brand’s influence.

Integrations, in particular, are an important factor that every jewelry shop should consider. While customer support and incoming calls are the foundation of your service, you also need to consider enhancements like Zendesk support. A Salesforce or Zendesk call center can connect with your favorite platforms and help you develop a more robust customer service strategy that’s built on a smarter foundation. It also makes it easier to follow best practices, leverage customer data, and even send automated text message alerts to customers with the click of your mouse. Whether you’re selling diamond simulants or natural diamond earrings, the only difference in your success potential is the tools you use in your brand.

The right call center tech empowers jewelry stores.

Smart call center solutions cater to a variety of styles and entrepreneurship goals. Whether you’re selling the best lab diamonds on the market or being known for your products’ brilliance and carat weight, you need ways to connect with your buyers and consumers. By investing in some smarter contact center technology, you make it easier to run a successful, profitable jewelry store.

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