How does modern technology help to enhance digital marketing?

Consumers were largely reached through traditional forms of marketing such as print ads or television and radio advertising. As the use of and reach of the internet has increased gradually, marketers started adopting and using email marketing as a form of communication to reach potential clients.

Most marketing strategies now combine conventional marketing techniques like magazine ads, newspaper ads, posters, radio or television commercials, and so on with digital marketing strategies like email blasts, banner ads, social media, Google ads, and much more.

Marketers who embrace modern technology may customize, interact, and connect with their leads and consumers in far more significant ways. From the way we interact to the way we buy; technology has invaded every part of our lives. Marketing has mainly developed into a virtual form of art.

Whatever you’re selling or to whom you’re selling it, technology may increase the quality of your marketing output and, eventually, help you create more leads.

You can expand your reach and continue to improve your brand in terms of customer experience and outreach by developing a more complete digital marketing plan that goes beyond social media and digital advertisements and that is exactly what we help you with at Reckonsoft. We can help your brand generate more traffic, more leads, and more revenue by using modern technology and methods of digital marketing.

The latest technology has several advantages for both organizations and a small business here is what you need to look out for:

Artificial Intelligence-

Artificial intelligence is expected to become increasingly important in the future, particularly in the field of digital marketing. AI systems are maturing at a quicker rate than ever before, with systems becoming more efficient at a far faster rate. When cognitive and reasoning skills are applied to computer and algorithmic processes, marketing actions and forecasts can be made faster and more accurately.

Digital technology is advancing at a breakneck speed. Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the forefront, with powerful tracking and analytical capabilities that help marketers make better decisions, generate more money, and acquire more customers.


A bot is computer software that automates work by talking with a user via a conversational interface. Chat bots are a low-cost and flexible solution for businesses to improve the customer experience since they can swiftly respond to data-related questions and accept requests.

No forms, crowded inboxes, or lost minutes spent searching and scrolling through the material can help customers find answers no matter where they are or what device they are using. It’s simple to incorporate into a site, application, or social networking site, and it can collect data for marketing purposes.

Voice Search

The future of marketing is voice search. You won’t be able to reach your target audience or meet your growth goals if your company isn’t optimized for voice searches.

The digital marketing environment is constantly changing, with major new trends appearing regularly. One of the most notable trends that are gaining traction is voice search. With the voice search trend expected to continue to expand, adopting voice search is becoming increasingly important for all businesses. The speed and ease are two obvious reasons why consumers are gravitating toward voice search.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

One of the most prevalent misunderstandings regarding Augmented Reality is that it is synonymous with Virtual Reality. In actuality, they are the opposite. Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that adds digital components to the actual environment. Virtual Reality, on the other hand, immerses a person in a virtual environment.

However, they both have a place in the digital marketing trends of the future. Customers have always desired to sample items before making a purchase. Prospective consumers may use augmented reality to model and try on makeup, clothes, and a variety of home-related products without having to contact them directly.

Parasite SEO

Parasite SEO, as the term implies, is relying on a host platform to provide you with the authority required to rank well in search engines. And ReckonSoft’s SEO Experts have discovered that Google tends quickly ranking the pages on these sites. Simply said, you write a high-quality piece of information or a video with at least 500 to 1000 words and publish it on an authoritative website, then flood it with social signals and hyperlinks. It’s that easy.

However, there are a few things you should verify before submitting an article to one of these websites otherwise your website may be penalized as well. Links are a major ranking element in Google, and in SEO, guest blogging provides a great opportunity to gain a link back from another website.

We’ve all heard that the 2021 update would prioritize pages with a high domain authority (DA). Try searching for phrases like “autumn falls,” “public health,” ” CBD oil,” and “best CBD gummies” to see what we mean. All of these keywords have one common thread: they all have a lot of competition, making it virtually impossible to rank for them until lately. Thanks to press releases, parasite SEO, guest blogging, and other modern digital marketing techniques, we can now rank for high-volume keywords as well.

The goal is to have a relevant website with high domain and page authority, but don’t worry, Reckonsoft can help with that. We’ve collaborated with over 100+ companies and organizations that welcome guest blogging in exchange for a do-follow link.

 With 20-30 places acquired on most PR sites such as Metro Times, Riverfront Times, LA Weekly,,,,,,, Miami Herald, and many others, we can help you gain excellent backlinks and strong traffic for your website.

Reckonsoft has ranked several websites in the top rankings using these methods. With our knowledge and skills in the area, we know how to select websites for your target keywords and optimize your website in accordance with the latest and forthcoming digital marketing trends. Send us an email at [email protected] to get started.

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