How can mobile app development help optimize a startup in pandemic time?

The game for startups has changed completely in the pandemic scenario. In a world where smartphones have become very important, more and more startups are associating with reliable services that aid with mobile app development.

From marketing to advertising and sale of products, a mobile application has become mandatory for any startup that plans to scale high amid the customers. But, how does mobile application development help optimize the startups in the pandemic scenario?

Here are some key pointers to help you understand the same.

Simplicity via Agile Methodology:

When it comes to mobile app development, a simple yet interactive UI/UX is definitely an effective approach to get the client’s attention. The implementation of agile methodology for app development ensures that communication, especially during the pandemic time, is channelized properly.

It helps both the app developers and clients execute a perfect mobile application to streamline the work process. An agile methodology ensures that there is a constant connection between the customers/clients and the startup owners, from the creation of your application to the testing and implementation process.

Find the Right Offshore Development Company

With the help of a reliable offshore development company, you do not need to have an in-house team in place. It is especially true when one needs to follow the social distancing protocol in the pandemic scenario.

The safest bet is to seek the help of a team that is miles away from you, and there is a reduced risk of being infected with the COVID virus. A reliable offshore team can handle everything from the inception to the completion and implementation of the mobile application.

Social Media Integration

The best thing about using a mobile application for startups is that it allows a glitch-free integration of the business dynamics over the social media channels. As a startup, you may or may not find ample time to focus on the social media dynamics, which is definitely a vital part of the business plan.

Today, almost everyone is a part of the social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. That is why business owners need to focus more on social media communication with the help of mobile app development service providers that are a part of the outsourcing world.

The best way to communicate with the audience is to connect with them over social media and observe a spike in your ROI.

In-App Payments:

Sources: App development team at Saigon Technology.

During the pandemic, it is vital to have a secure and easy-to-access payment portal for the customers. However, trust and safety is a factor that is very rare in the pandemic scenario. That is why any startup needs to get their mobile application developed by an offshore development team.

In-app payments ensure that your clients and customers can make payments in a trustworthy manner for any business that has just started out. Outsourcing the app development requirements lets you invest in a seamless & top-quality payment experience in the market.

Transform Offline Business to Online:

Today in the pandemic-driven world, it is important for offline businesses to move online. Unless you do so, your business is sure to face its imminent doom. In a pandemic, one should refrain from going out of the house, and in this dynamic, it is important for a business to find the right way to boom.

Switching to the online platform ensures features like 24×7 availability, especially during emergency moments. Further, an online presence of the business ensures that you shape up your brand the right way. During the pandemic, it is difficult to visit an offline office or space to get any solution to the problem a customer faces.

However, with an online mobile application, startups can easily take care of the business necessities and clear all queries of their customers.

Better Brand Awareness

A massive population of potential customers tends to use the mobile applications created for any company or brand. Any iOS or Android app designed by a reputable brand helps in enhancing brand awareness & capturing the massive customer base that ventures into the smartphone world as well as internet culture.

Users tend to spend hours checking out the smartphone screen day-in and day-out. It is especially true in the pandemic that people stay at the house most of the time, scrolling through their smartphones. So, this definitely is an amazing way to enhance the brand’s visibility and identity.

Plethora of Opportunities

Hundreds and millions of iOS and Android applications are downloaded daily by smartphone users all around the world from the play store and Apple store. It indicates the fact that users tend to look for innovative applications that can meet the customer needs in the easiest and fastest way possible.

That is why any startup needs to hire a reliable mobile application developer to create customized business designs. Now, this particular opportunity is helpful, especially for business owners in the pandemic scenario where there is a maximum possibility for business owners to connect with potential customers and clients.

High ROI:

Since more and more customers search for their needs online as opposed to offline during the pandemic, it is beneficial for business owners to shift their brand online with the mobile app development process. The best way to go about it is to get in touch with a reliable outsourcing company that can adhere to your needs in the right way.


Smartphones are definitely an amazing way to reach out to customers amid the pandemic scenario. Your app can either be an entertainment application, informal application, commerce application, beauty application, home services application, or anything else. The ultimate goal is to break the bounds that come into the scene during a pandemic and reach out to the audience for better business.

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