How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help with Your Aviation Accident Claim?

Although airplane crashes don’t happen every other day, they are still disastrous. In most cases, there are no survivors. However, many aviation accidents have been reported where there were many survivors. Hence, if you or any of your loved ones have survived a plane crash, you need to seek legal advice from a personal injury attorney immediately.

Aviation accident cases are generally long-drawn as they are very complex, which only seasoned legal experts can handle. 

Complexities of Aviation Law

Grasping aviation accident laws is not an easy task as the laws are not the same in all the states. The case may involve several parties, and instances of negligence are the mainstay of your lawyer, who will fight in the court to ensure that you get your rightful compensation. 

Due to the complexity of the legal framework, only a seasoned attorney can help you. They will investigate the case and identify expert witnesses who will testify on your behalf. 

Aviation law deals with air mishaps caused by: 

  • Large Airline Companies
  • Private Aircraft
  • Corporate Jets
  • Helicopters
  • Gliders
  • Chartered Flights
  • Ambulance Airplanes
  • Joy-ride Airplanes

What Causes Airplane Accidents?

Many things can go wrong with a flight. The technical staff on ground duty and flying in the airplane must report anything suspicious or odd to ensure the flight’s safety. 

Common Causes of Airplane Crashes

  • Pilot Error
  • Federal Air Traffic Controller’s (ATC’s) negligence
  • Faulty Aircraft Design
  • Improper Aircraft Maintenance
  • Defective Equipment Onboard

Notably, legal recourse is available even for accidents happening beyond the U.S. airspace. No injured person or relative should give up seeking legal remedies, and it is best to contact a personal injury lawyer who will guide you accordingly.

Defective Airplanes

It is sad to note that air crashes in 2018 (189 people killed – Indonesian Flight) and 2019 (157 people killed – Ethiopian Airlines Flight) are still under investigation. However, as Boeing 737 aircraft were involved in both the disasters, 737s have been grounded globally. 

The Boeing 737 was the most popular aircraft in their stable, and the order books had long waiting lists. The Boeing Company is caught in a maze of legal issues, and the families of the victims are suing it. 

After an Air Accident

Soon after an air disaster occurs, the insurance companies and the airline company are the first to contact the survivors or the families of those who died in the crash. Their motive is clear, though devious. Their only intent is to convince the parties to sign documents that commit them to whatever conditions are mentioned therein. 

The cleverly worded documents are one-sided and always favor the insurers and the airlines. Hence, it is crucial that as a survivor or a family member of the victim, you do not talk to the airlines or the insurance people before speaking to your accident injury attorney.  Moreover, there is always a deadline for filing a lawsuit, and missing the deadline can cost you your compensation. 

Summing it Up

Aviation accident laws are very complex and can be tricky for a layperson. The best option is to contact experts in the field who will guide you correctly and ensure you get your rightful compensation.

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