Horse Racing Bets You Can Place Online

Horses have always served to entertain race lovers and given valuable returns to some of them along the way.

Organised racehorse betting has taken many shapes and forms throughout the years by including different betting strategies and race types. The advent of the internet has allowed racehorse betting to reach the hands of many millions more.

Anyone of legal age can now easily place bets using just their phones and stay up to date on the real-time happenings through betting portals like BlueBet. These portals also allow the winnings to be transferred directly to the person via the internet, adding more convenience.

Betting Away Your Way

Not every betting person has the same interest or risk appetite, leading to the existence of a multitude of betting types. Online betting portals like BlueBet not only provide information but also umpteen ways of betting. These can vary depending on the country and association. Learning about them and your capabilities will let you make the correct type of bet and get past the post richer than before.

Outright Betting

This type is the familiar, straightforward one where the bettor picks their favourite horse they believe will win and bets on it. If that horse passes the line first, the bettor takes home the cash depending on how much they’ve bet.

Each Way

In this type of betting, the bettor wins an amount based on whether their chosen horse comes first, second or third. It is more expensive than the outright type but has better chances of a payout due to the increased number of positions. The higher the horse’s winning position, the higher the payout.

Place Bet

Place bets focus on the first two winning positions. The bettor wins if the chosen horse comes either first or second. The risks are lower compared to outright, but so is the payout.

Show Bet

In show betting, the bettor places the bet on a horse they believe will finish in the top three. This type of bet allows for greater chances of winning than outright and place bet types, but only when a favourite gets chosen. Otherwise, it keeps the odds low.

Across The Board Bet

It is a combination of outright, place, and show bets, giving the bettor the best of all three. If the horse wins, the payout will be the total of all three types of bets. For second place, the bettor gets the payout for place and show types. Third place nets the bettor only the show type returns.

Tricast Bet

Tricast lets one bet on horses they believe are most likely to finish in the top three. A reverse Tricast is similar but without the exact positions for the horses.

Accumulator Bets

It is the combination of two or more types of bets. The odds increase with the number of bets placed, as do the expenses and risks. All parts of the placed bets must be good to win.

Horses will continue to serve humanity for many ages to come. Betting portals like BlueBet will support all those who wish to bet on their racing abilities and turn a profit.

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Last modified: May 10, 2021

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