Home Value and Security: Choosing the Best Type of Fence for Your Home

Are you looking for ways to improve the privacy of your land? Do you have an interest in building a fence, but aren’t sure which one to get? If so, then you need to consider what is the best type of fence for your property.

Doing so can help you find a fence that perfectly matches your security needs and the aesthetic of your home. As many experts will tell you, a properly installed fence can boost the curb appeal of your property for future buyers!

See below for an in-depth guide on what to consider when looking for the best type of fence for your home.

Find the Right Material

The material of your fence is an important factor when finding the right one for your home. There are many different kinds of materials, and each of them has its different advantages. See below for a few of the most popular options:

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing offers the most customization of any common fencing material. It has a beautiful and timeless aesthetic and can be put into any size, shape, and color that you wish.

It requires a new coat every 2 years and should have a seasonal inspection performed to make sure no dry rot has occurred. With a good coat, it can stand up to the elements as well as any other material.

A wood fence is a popular option for those that are interested in picket fences. Click here for more information on how to find the right ones for your home.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is becoming a popular material around the house. It’s used for the siding on your house, the floor in your home, and so on.

Many homeowners enjoy it for their fences because of the endless options for colors and styles. It’s entirely waterproof and is easy to maintain. It can offer as much privacy to your land as you desire and can be purchased in different widths and heights.

The only drawback of vinyl fencing is that it’s easy to break. The fencing is hollow, so any amount of significant pressure, such as a medium-sized tree branch falling, could cause it to crack.

Chain-Link Fencing

For those of you that want to install your fence and not have to perform any maintenance to it for the next decade, you’ll love chain-link fencing. 

Contrary to popular belief, the material (metal) can actually be recycled, so it offers a sustainable option for you and your family. 

Some homeowners try to veer away from chain-link since it isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as wood or vinyl. It also doesn’t provide much privacy, so your neighbors will be able to see inside your land.

Always Check With Your HOA

While you might know the type of fence you wish to install around your yard, your homeowner’s association might have other ideas.

For that reason, it’s always best to check with your neighborhood’s HOA before you make any concrete plans. They might have specifics on the materials you can use, the height of the fence, and so on.

It’s better to know these regulations ahead of time. That way, you can adjust your plans accordingly and avoid hefty HOA fines. 

Find Your Ideal Amount of Privacy

Before you start to make plans for your fence, it’s important to consider how much privacy you want for your yard. Ask yourself a few questions to figure this out:

  • Do you have children that you want to protect in your yard?
  • Which fencing material can help you achieve your desired amount of privacy?
  • Do you want to have full privacy in your yard or just enough to keep people out?
  • Is your home at an incline where people can see in the part of it?

If you wish to have as much privacy as possible, then you’ll want to get a fence that has no space between the boards. 

For those of you that worry the new fence will harm your backyard’s layout, you can read up on fence decorating ideas to help it gel with your yard’s current theme.

Find a Reputable Fence Company

When it comes to installing your fence, you essentially have two credible options: 1) do it yourself or 2) hire a professional installation company.

We recommend that you do the latter. They can help ensure that the result is exactly as you envisioned, as well as install the fence a lot quicker than you could.

Start by looking through the online reviews of local companies. Reach out to the one you trust and schedule an on-site appointment to start planning for your fence.

Consider Your Home’s Style

As previously mentioned, a new fence can enhance the curb appeal of your home for future buyers. However, choosing the wrong fence can have the opposite effect.

If you have an old-style victorian home, then you should steer clear of chain-link and wood fencing. Instead, you’ll likely want to consider ornamental fencing or something a bit more decorative.

This is where a professional fencing company can come in handy. They’ll consider the style of your home and your privacy preference to find the perfect fencing material.

Invest in the Best Type of Fence for Your Property

Now that you have seen all of the different ways to find the best type of fence for your home, be sure to use it to your advantage in your search.

It all starts with research. If you have an HOA, first reach out to them and learn about the regulations that your new fence would have to abide by.

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on home fences, as well as many other helpful topics.

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